Lakshay Jangid
Lakshay Jangid

Steadfast Athlete Lakshay Jangid has been a curious person ever since even as a child, looking at his surroundings and trying to learn new things. One such incident happened when he saw a guy very flamboyantly performing stoppie on his cycle with the help of a brick kept in front. It felt like a challenge to Lakshay, which he took as a serious one, practising hard till he achieved his goal.

He even had to give up his friendship as many felt it to be a dangerous sport to participate, this didn’t stop him but pushed him to work harder. Lakshay got his first professional bike in 2012, with this he began to innovate his tricks to prove his performance.

The year 2014 was a lucky one as he became the first Indian MTB stunt rider to participate in the International MTB Stunt Net Championship. He achieved 11th position at this competition. Each year thereafter has been rewarding for Lakshay with scoring a world record for the Longest Headstand on a moving cycle. His record is registered in the India Book of Records, Limca Book of Records, World Record Setters also applied for Guinness World Records.

In 2015, participating in the MTB Stunt Net Championship he created history by securing 3rd position. Also, won at the Indian MTB Stunt Championship in Lucknow (2015). Achieved the World Champion for India after defeating 109 riders from all over the globe in "MTB stunt net championship 2016" judged in Poland.

Lakshay faced a small obstacle while he was practising some Acrobat tricks for the next world championship in 2018. But he came out as a true fighter and got back to his determination of fulfilling his dreams.

Since then his winnings streaks have seen just the upward surge and Steadfast Nutrition believes in his dreams, therefore, nurturing him with the best conditioning. He is all set to evolve and bring out the best in his game to beat himself.

Achievements :
  • 11th Position - MTB Stunt World Championship, 2014
  • World Record for Longest Headstand on a Moving Cycle, 2015
  • 3rd Position - MTB Stunt World Championship, 2015
  • Winner - Indian MTB Stunt championship, 2015
  • Winner - MTB Stunt Net Championship judged in Poland, 2016
  • Winner - MTB Stunt Grand Prix Wodzisław Śląski, Poland, 2017
  • Podium - MTB Stunt Net Championship judged in Poland, 2017
  • Winner - Sanduro MTB Challange (MTB Race), 2019
  • 2nd place in MTB Stunt Grand Prix in Poland, 2019
Favourite Product: Protein Isolate

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