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      Mass Gainer | The Best Mass Gain Powder

      Mass gainers are a good source of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, which help gain muscle mass, provide energy for intensive workouts, and fuel muscle growth and recovery. They contain all essential amino acids, micronutrients, and fiber that prevent nutritional deficiencies and provide satiety for longer. Mass gainers give the maximum benefit when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Each serving of a mass gainer gives 400-800 calories. Mass gainers come in powder form, which you can consume by mixing with water or milk.

      Steadfast Nutrition's mass gainer is the best mass gainer for people experiencing difficulty in gaining muscle mass. Mass gainers are not just high in carbohydrates but also contain protein. Each serving of mass gainer provides 400-800 calories.

      Power Massive is a premium quality mass gainer for bodybuilders wishing to gain muscle mass and build muscle. An excellent combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, Power Massive can be taken by individuals who want to maintain their daily calorie requirements and those who wish to gain weight healthily. Power Massive contains protease and lactase enzymes to prevent gas, bloating, and indigestion. It’s available in delicious mango, chocolate, and strawberry flavors and is free of added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.

      A serving of Power Massive contains 95 g carbohydrates and 19.3 g protein in the 5:1 ratio, which help- grow lean muscle mass.

      What is a Mass Gainer?

      Mass gainers are a good source of carbohydrates and protein, which help to supply energy for comprehensive workouts. They contain good quality whey protein essential for bodybuilding and gaining muscle mass. A mass gainer helps in muscle growth and muscle recovery since it provides all the essential amino acids. It contains essential micronutrients and fiber, which help prevent nutritional deficiencies and provide satiety for a longer time.

      Mass Gainer Benefits

      People experiencing difficulty in gaining muscle mass should take mass gainers as should bodybuilders, people who want to meet their daily protein requirement, and those who want to gain weight healthily.

      Here are the benefits of consuming Steadfast Nutrition’s mass gain supplements:

      1. Each serving of Steadfast Nutrition’s mass gainer Power Massive provides simple and complex carbohydrates that provide instant and sustained energy during and after a workout session.

      2. Power Massive is the best supplement for muscle growth as it contains fast and slow releasing proteins (whey protein and calcium caseinate), which quickly absorb the amino acids required to build muscle and feed the muscles over time.

      3. Power Massive contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals, which prevent nutritional deficiencies, boost metabolism, maintain electrolyte balance, and improve immune health.

      4. Power Massive has taurine, a powerful antioxidant that prevents oxidative stress by fighting free radicals and helps boost energy levels, improving performance.

      5. Choline in Power Massive reduces fatigue and increases energy after a rigorous workout.

      6. Steadfast’s mass gainer Power Massive has two digestive enzymes- protease, which breaks down protein for easy digestion, and lactase, which helps digest lactose in casein, keeping bloating, acidity, nausea at bay.

      Difference between Mass Gainer and Weight Gainer

      Mass gainer

      1. Mass gainers help gain muscle mass
      2. Mass gainers are suited for bodybuilders and gym goers.
      3. Mass gainers are high in proteins, which increase lean muscle mass.
      4. They have an optimum amount of fibre for smooth digestion and better absorption of nutrients.

      Weight gainer

      1. Weight gainer supplements help in weight gain.
      2. Weight gainers are suited for people with a high metabolic rate or hard gainers.
      3. Weight gainers are high in carbohydrates and low in proteins.
      4. Weight gainers contain less fibre than mass gainers.

        Side Effects of Mass Gainers 

        1. Fat Gain:

        Mass gainer or weight gainer supplements are high in calories. Taken without exercise, they can contribute to fat accumulation in the body.

        2. Unhealthy Weight Gain:

        Many mass gainers and weight gainers contain added sugar that can spike insulin levels and cause unhealthy weight gain.

        3. Kidney problems:

        Mass gainers and weight gainers are high in protein. They may damage the kidney when taken with a high-protein diet. One must consult a doctor and nutritionist before taking them.

        4. Poor liver health:

        Overdosage of protein every day may hinder the absorption of nutrients and disturb the metabolic pathway.  One should take only the recommended dosage of mass gainers or weight gainers.

        5. Stomach upset:

        One can experience bloating, acidity, and indigestion with mass gainers since the body is not used to taking surplus calories.

        How to choose the mass gainer in India?

        Keep the following factors in mind while choosing a mass gainer:

        1. Mass gainers are high in calories. One should opt for mass gainers whose calories come from complex carbohydrates.

        2. If your goal is to increase muscle mass, opt for mass gainers; if you want to gain weight, opt for weight gainers.

        3. Ensure that the mass gainer does not contain artificial sugars and preservatives.

        4. Opt for mass gainers that contain vitamins and minerals since these play a vital role in muscle contraction, oxygen transport, antioxidant activity, and bone health and also relieve fatigue after exercise.

        5. Ensure that the mass gainer contains digestive enzymes, which can easily digest proteins and carbohydrates.

        6. Always choose an established brand like Steadfast Nutrition, which provides lab reports from authenticated labs.

        Which is the best mass gainer in India?

        In India, the best mass-gain protein powder is Power Massive.

        Steadfast Nutrition’s Power Massive is one of the best mass gainers in India- it’s a calorie-dense supplement that helps meet daily calorie requirements and helps build muscle mass. It has simple and complex carbohydrates and slow and fast-releasing proteins, which provide instant energy and replenish lost glycogen stores and help in muscle growth and recovery, respectively. Vitamins and minerals in Power Massive help prevent nutritional deficiencies. Check Mass Gainer Price.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Q1. Who can take a mass gainer?

        Ans: Individuals who want to gain muscle can take mass gainers- it’s the best supplement for muscle growth and fulfilling nutritional deficiencies. Mass gainers contain all essential nutrients for improving health and are beneficial if one cannot get enough calories and other macronutrients from food.

        Q2. Are mass gainers safe?

        Ans: Mass gainers are safe to consume by those who are lean. They can be harmful if taken by people who are obese/overweight by causing more weight gain. One should check the nutritional information before opting for a mass gainer.

        Q3. How should you consume a mass gainer?

        Ans: Mix the mass gain  with water or with milk. Take it after a workout.

        Q4. Do mass gainers make you fat?

        Ans: Mass gainers do not make you fat. They are a good source of protein, which helps fuel muscle gain. However, they can cause fat gain if taken above the recommended dosage.

        Q5. Should you take a mass gainer if you do not work out?

        Ans: One can take mass gainers even if they don’t exercise but it may lead to fat rather than muscle mass gain. Better to exercise and take a mass gainer.

        Q6. Who can take a mass gainer?

        Ans: Individuals who want to meet gain muscle mass or can’t meet their daily calorie requirements can take mass gainers.

        Q7. Are mass gainers healthy?

        Ans: Mass gainers contain carbohydrates, protein, fats, essential minerals and vitamins, which compensate for nutritional deficiencies and help maintain a healthy weight by muscle mass gain.