Hockey is a team-based sport consisting of two halves, 35-minutes each with a total of 10 players on the field with a goalie. This sport is a combination of endurance, strength, speed, and agility. Aerobic and aerobic energy systems contribute to the energy needs of the body a workout or any other physical activity.
The nutrition requirement and average body weight as per the game of hockey is 65 kg with an energy allowance of 70 kcal/kg/day. The game involves thinking fast with swift technical ball movement skills.
The game involves a high level of fluid loss and injuries, which in turn makes nutrition and hydration an essential part of the performance of each player. The nature of the game is such that hockey players need a nutrient-rich diet to optimise their performance while training and recovery between sessions. The diet comprises of lean proteins for muscle repair and recovery, and appropriately timed carbohydrate intake for fuel. In addition, vegetables, nuts, fruit, seeds, and dairy items provide important vitamins and minerals, along with some healthy fats.
The nature of the game includes high-intensity running, fast decision-making and skills. According to some reports, dehydration can negatively impact shooting accuracy, speed, agility concentration and co-ordination amongst the players. The sweat rates can be high as this is a high-intensity game with temperature and humidity playing a crucial role in it. Each individual’s fluid loss is directly proportional to their fluid needs.
One should start each match well fuelled which includes a protein-rich diet. It is recommended that an athlete should have a meal 3 to 4 hours before the match Recovery is also an important part of the game as it allows one to perform their best. Recovery meals should comprise of carbohydrate, protein with plenty of fluids and electrolytes to replace sweat losses.
Supportive: Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Collastead, Tri Fibre and Multivitamin
d3 hockey players
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Playing a winter sport and wearing sunblock for skin protection, makes it challenging to get enough vitamin D through sun exposure. Low levels of vitamin D can lead to slower muscle recovery and function, increased rates of stress fractures, and even poor performance in both men and women hockey players. So, an adequate amount of vitamin D is critical in maintaining bone health and overall performance.

Fish Oil for Hockey Players
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Hockey is a game which requires knee strength and you can’t perform your best without healthy joints. Intensive and prolonged training makes your muscle experience both stress and damage resulting in increased inflammation. EPA/DHA (a type of omega 3 fatty acids )in fish oil supports the normal inflammatory response in joints and muscles, which helps protect them from damage while supporting flexibility.Omega-3 fish oils can also help maintain a healthy heart, brain, and neurological function.

Multivitamin For Hockey Players
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A professional hockey player spends hours building muscles and improving his or her core strength in addition to attending the scheduled hockey practices. Vitamins play several roles, including helping in the production of energy in the body.

The best way to meet the required amount of vitamins and minerals is to take multi-vitamin pills each day especially if a person doesn’t get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals from his or her diet, to replenish back stores depleted during the intense hockey training sessions.

Collastead for Hockey Players
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Collagen is an important protein distributed throughout the body and it helps connect our bones and tendons. While playing Hockey, a short outburst of muscle contraction is dependent upon creatine, and collagen helps in its synthesis. High intensive physical exertion leads to depletion of collagen if not replaced through rare dietary sources or supplements. So, collastead has been formulated scientifically to maintain the basic structure for cartilage synthesis, strengthen joints, improve mobility and flexibility with reduced pain.

Tri Fibre for Hockey Players
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Soluble fibre holds great importance in an athlete’s diet as it is primarily responsible for gut health and proper bowel functioning. Also, lack of fibre can make you constipated and sluggish, inactive as it weakens the digestive system, which may affect your performance. Moreover, it improves mineral absorption which enhances your overall health.

Post: Power Protein and LIV Raw are perfect post game proteins for maximising muscle recovery and reduce cramps.
Best Supplements for Hockey Players
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To be a great hockey player, it demands physical training for improved muscular strength and stamina. It is wise to get a premium source of protein supplement post hockey game for instant recovery and synthesis of muscles. Power protein is a perfect blend of slow and fast release protein, with added benefits of minerals.

LIV Raw For Hockey Players
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Liv Raw is specially formulated for hockey players as the combination of the three branched-chain amino acids promotes protein synthesis at its best specifically Leucine, which is the king anabolic amino acid.

Best Sports Supplements
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Bed Time: MiCasein and Power Glutamine supports enhanced overnight muscle recovery, reduces cramps and aids in repairing damaged muscles.

Casein (slow absorbing protein) best taken at night time helps in enhanced overnight muscle recovery, reduces cramps and aids in repairing damaged muscles. Furthermore, it will optimise your increased protein intake requirements and eventually improve hockey players’ performance.

Best Dietary Supplements for Hockey Players
₹ 400.00

During: Snergy is an ideal drink for hockey players to meet increased energy levels and maintain electrolytic balance.

By consuming adequate and the right kind of simple carbohydrates especially pre- and intra-hockey game, you can fully restore glycogen stores, lessen the chances of sugar surge and allow both your muscular and nervous systems to perform their best. Right electrolyte balance prevents dehydration and muscle cramps.

Power Active for Hockey Players
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Pre: Power Active assists perfectly as a pre-meal in keeping the energy levels up and preventing muscle damage. Additionally, the presence of vitamins, minerals, and special ingredients helps boost one’s performance.

Power Active assists perfectly as a pre-meal for hockey players, in keeping their energy levels up and also prevents muscle damage. Additionally, the presence of vitamins, minerals, and special ingredients provides proper energy and recovery.

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