We at Steadfast nurture the inbuilt talent of each of our athlete and motivate them to accomplish their goals with the premium nourishment of our well-curated products. Here we celebrate the achievements & potential for the achieved and more to come in future. Together in for the drill, we embrace the world of Nutrition like none as we are proud to be For Athletes, By Athletes.

Winner Mr. Asia 2019
Rohit Shetty
Steadfast is proud to be a part of Rohit’s journey of becoming the golden boy in Indonesia lifting the Gold at Mr Asia, 2019 on the 2nd of Oct. All set to win, Steadfast we grow!
Winner Sheru Classic IHFF 2019
Sumeet Thapa
Sumeet flaunts his well worked out cuts winning Gold in Bodybuilding, Sheru Classic Pro Qualifier, IHFF 2019. Nothing stops a champion when powered with premium nutrition.
Winner IFBB Pro Card 2019
Mridula Saikia
Dr. Mridula Saikia shackling multiple stereotypes won the Pro Card in Figure Category, IHFF 2019 adding the cherry to her journey as a champion. Steadfast cherishes the bond as a catalyst to this pristinely dedicated athlete in becoming the finest of all-female physique models.
Winner Sheru Classic IHFF 2020
Tapasya Solanki
Tapasya the young and dynamic athlete took the world of sport by storm as she won Gold in Bikini, Sheru Classic Pro Qualifier, IHFF (March 2020). She is also the youngest bikini athlete to compete at IFBB Regional.
Winner State Roller Skating Championship 2019
Anoli Shah
Anoli Shah, one of the top 5 skaters of the country recently won 3 Gold medals at State Roller Skating Championship, November 2019. This amazingly talented young lady is all for getting better in her sport of skating.
Winner National Road Cycling Championship 2019
Arvind Panwar
Arvind Panwar going by the roads not taken to visit the uncharted landscapes on his bike won Gold in National Road Cycling Championship, November 2019. Geared with the quest of achieving more!
Winner Globeracers Bhatti Lake Ultra Run 2019
Nischint Katoch
With a tally of more than 30 races to Nischint’s credit, he scored Gold at Globeracers Bhatti Lake Ultra Run, November 2019. He is all set to upgrade himself for his next run.
Winner Nainital Half Marathon 2019
Stephen Kosgei
Stephen with his eyes on the finishing line goes all zip zap zoom past you, that made him hold Gold at both the Nainital Half Marathon (2019) and 20 Miler Chennai Marathon (2020). Run it, Win it!
Winner World Powerlifting Championship 2019 & National Pro Powerlifting Championship 2020
Harneet Dhillon
Harneet beautifully aces for perfection with her dedication while she lifts like a pro, securing two medals - Gold for Deadlift and Silver for Full Lifting in December 2019 at Russia. She says, ‘It's not the team with the best players that wins, it's the players with the best team that wins.’
Winner South Asian Games 2019
Garima Chaudhary
Garima Chaudhary, the Indian judoka enthusiastically representing the country at the South Asian Games, 2019 is known to push her limits achieving the podium. She won two Gold medals under the Women’s Single - 70 kg and Mixed Team event.
Winner National Mountain Bike Championship 2020
Poonam Rana
Poonam Rana marking her territory won 2 Golds in National Mountain Bike Championship, 2020. Her endeavours are proof of her zeal for the sport.
Winner Sheru Classic IHFF 2020
Amrit Dhaliwal
Amrit with the willpower of becoming stronger from within made her chase the Gold in Bikini, Sheru Classic Pro Qualifier, IHFF 2020, March. She says, ‘Fitness Is My Passion, I Can’t Live Without This.’
Winner National Road Cycling Championship 2019
Riyazuddin Alam
Riyazuddin Alam with multiple cycling journeys to his credit as a cyclist recently scored Gold in National Road Cycling Championship, November 2019. Pedalling his way through the turbulent paths to become the milestone achiever.

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