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We at Steadfast nurture the inbuilt talent of each of our athletes and motivate them to accomplish their goals with the premium nourishment of our well-curated products. Here we celebrate the achievements & potential for the achieved and more to come in future. Together in the drill, we embrace the world of Nutrition like none as we are proud to be For Athletes, By Athletes.

Gold Medal, Amateur Olympia India 2023
Ishu Thakur
Steadfast Athlete Ishu Thakur pulled out all the stops at the prestigious Amateur Olympia India Championship 2023, clinching the gold in the Men’s Physique Category and shattering limits to claim victory. His winning streak continued after his iconic win at the recently concluded BigFit Classic, and he is unstoppable now. Steadfast is proud to support this promising athlete with its premium supplements as he flies high in the thrilling territory of bodybuilding.
Winner, Mr Universe India 2023
Rohit Shetty
Steadfast Athlete Rohit Shetty has lived up to his formidable reputation being a bodybuilding icon. The former Mr Asia has made Steadfast proud once more by clinching the gold medal at the Mr Universe India 2023 in the Bodybuilding Category (100 kgs). This was his second podium finish after his silver at the BigFit Classic. The lord of the bodybuilding world, who is powered by Steadfast Nutrition’s top-quality supplements, credits his victories to “passion, talent, and hard work”. Steadfast takes utmost pride in fuelling the tenacious Shettiyano.
Winner, BigFit Classic 2023
Ishu Thakur
Steadfast Athlete Ishu Thakur has achieved an extraordinary feat, securing the gold medal in Men's Physique at the prestigious BigFit Classic 2023. Ishu’s dedication and hard work in sculpting his physique have paid off, and he now stands as a true champion in this highly competitive category. Steadfast was his staunchest ally throughout his journey, providing him with premium quality nutritional supplements to fuel his success. Congratulations, Ishu on this outstanding victory.
Prashanta Kumar Hipparagi sets record at the Deca Ironman
Prashanta Kumar Hipparagi
Steadfast Athlete Prashanta Kumar Hipparagi set a new benchmark for Indian triathletes, becoming the first Indian athlete to finish the Deca Ironman- 10 Ironman triathlons put together- in 11 consecutive days. The 13-day race- the Brazil Ultra-Triathlon was organised in Buzios from May 20-June 3. The DECAman-Prashanta trained hard, using Snergy, Power Protein, Carborance and Power active from Steadfast Nutrition. He credits Steadfast Nutrition for his achievements.
Winner, MTB Nepal 2023
Usha Khanal
Steadfast Athlete Usha Khanal raced to glory yet again, making history at the MTB Nepal. The unstoppable athlete amazed everyone with her exceptional prowess, securing two gold medals at the 10th National Downhill Championship and the 18th National Cross Country Championship, respectively. She became the first cyclist in the history of MTB Nepal to win a gold in both the Downhill and XCO categories. With this feat, Usha has become the new national champion. Steadfast is immensely proud to support this remarkable athlete as she conquers new territories in the world of cycling.
Winner, IFBB Pro Card at the Sheru Classic 2023
Reeta Devi
Steadfast Athlete Reeta Devi made her dream come true as she won the coveted IFBB Pro Card in the Wellness category at the Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers 2023, reaching a milestone in her journey as a champion. Fuelled by unwavering determination, she regards this achievement as a pivotal achievement that will drive her toward becoming an exceptionally remarkable female wellness model. Steadfast Nutrition is delighted to back this relentless athlete with its premium range of nutrition.
Winner, Ms South India 2023
Priya Shah
Steadfast Athlete Priya Shah has been declared Ms South India 2023 in Women's Bodybuilding. Priya won the title after winning the gold at the JJ Classic Bodybuilding Championship, establishing herself as an athlete to reckon with. Steadfast takes great pride in supporting this fearless athlete, who won a gold at the UIBFF Ms Karnataka earlier this year. Her performance has seen an impressive surge since she started incorporating Steadfast's top-quality nutritional supplements into her routine.
Winner, NPC Nationals 2023
Reeta Devi
Steadfast Athlete Reeta Devi has won the gold at NPC Nationals 2023 in the wellness Category. Reeta’s relentless pursuit of excellence remains unwavering and is truly remarkable! She has previously won the gold in several championships, including the Avon classic, Elite Classic, Aman Classic and Miss North India and refuses to be complacent. Steadfast Nutrition is proud to provide her with the right nourishment.
Winner, NPC North India Bodybuilding Championship
Surbhi Jaiswar
Steadfast Athlete Surbhi Jaiswar has taken the bodybuilding fraternity by storm, winning the gold at the NPC North India Bodybuilding Championship in the Bikini Category. With this feat, she has levelled up in the game, scoring a hat-trick at the NPC, having won the gold in the championship in 2021 and 2022. Steadfast has always been excited to sponsor this phenomenal athlete as she takes off on an exciting journey into the unexplored arena of bodybuilding.
Winner, G-20 Cyclothon
Waheed Ahmad
Steadfast Athlete and Jammu and Kashmir's leading senior cyclist Waheed Ahmad added one more gold to his credit as he cruised to victory at the G20 Cyclothon. The Cyclothon rally 'Pedal For Peace' was organised in Ganderbal district, motivating the youth of Kashmir to participate in sports. In 2022, Waheed snatched two golds at the state championship, becoming a role model for many enthusiastic cyclists. Steadfast Nutrition is all set to fuel his glorious athletic journey.
Winner, 19th National MTB Cycling Championship
Pranita Soman
Steadfast Athlete Pranita Soman is back with an inspiring victory at the MTB Nationals 2023, winning gold each in the Women's XCO Elite, XCT Elite, and Mixed Team Relay categories and the best player (women) award. Pranita worked sweat and blood to add these wins to her credit, beating a back injury. She is an undefeated champion who has won the best player award at the MTB Nationals three years in a row. Steadfast will continue supporting her athletic journey as she cycles to victory.
Winner, Safal Pokhara International Marathon (2023)
Stephen Kosgei
Steadfast Athlete Stephen Kosgei reclaimed the No 1 position at the Safal Pokhara International Marathon 2023, covering a distance of 42.195 km. Stephen is fuelled by Steadfast Nutrition’s premium sports and wellness nutrition, which have helped him stay ahead of the game.
IFBB Pro Card Winner (2022)
Nandini Raj
Steadfast Athlete Nandini Raj hit a milestone by winning a Pro Card at the Amateur Olympia held in Mumbai in October 2022. Nandini achieved the feat in the Women’s Physique division. Steadfast is delighted to be her nutrition partner in her journey to the Olympia stage.
Winner, NPC Punjab Bodybuilding Championship 2022 (Bikini division)
Dr Nusrat Khan
Steadfast Athlete Dr Nusrat Khan stole the thunder at the NPC Punjab Bodybuilding championship, winning the gold in the Bikini Category. Nusrat, who has numerous fitness and modelling feats in her account, vouches for Steadfast Nutrition supplements. Steadfast is proud to give her the nutrition she needs for her feats.
Winner, NPC Punjab Men’s Bodybuilding
Championship 2022
Javed Rangrez 
Steadfast Athlete Javed Rangrez has added another feather to his cap, winning the gold in Men’s Bodybuilding (80-85 kg) at the NPC Punjab State competition. This cop flexes his muscles in his spare time and has won many laurels. Steadfast is proud to power this athlete with its premium range of nutrition.
Steadfast Athlete Nilakanta Sharma helped the Indian hockey team clinch the silver medal at the Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2022 held in the English city of Birmingham in August. Nilakanta, a midfielder, was also a part of the Indian Hockey squad that won a historic bronze medal for India at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.
WINNER, IHFF Strongman Championship 2022, IHFF Powerlifting Championship 2022
Steadfast Athlete Archana Chauhan's name is now written in golden letters in the history of Asia's largest sports and fitness festival- the International Health, Sports and Fitness Festival. The powerlifter won gold in the Powerlifting Deadlift Championship. Archana also struck gold in the Front Hammer Hold category at the Strongman Championship.
Navneet Kaur
Navneet Kaur has finally hit bullseye at the IHFF, proving that impossible is nothing when you set the bar higher for yourself. The Steadfast Athlete won the IFBB Pro Card in the fitness category at the 2022 IHFF Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers. She had previously won the gold at the Amateur Olympia held in 2019 and a silver in the same championship prior to that.
Eat. Sleep. Win a gold medal. Repeat. This has been Steadfast Athlete Surbhi Jaiswar's recent schedule. The athlete has now won three gold medals in less than two months after winning the Baba's Anand Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Championship. The event was held on June 12 in the pink city of Jaipur. Surbhi competed in the bikini division. Steadfast is extremely proud of Surbhi for demonstrating to the world the true strength of Steadfast products, and wishes her all the best for IHFF.
Steadfast Athlete Surbhi Jaiswar's 'winning express' appears to have no breaks. Following back-to-back gold medals at the National Physique Committee's North India Championship, the bikini bodybuilder demonstrated her strength in the Naresh Surya Classic, where she earned her second gold medal in 2022. Surbhi's performance has skyrocketed after she began using Steadfast's premium nutrition supplements- in the last six months, the 26-year-old has won five titles.  Thank you for showcasing the true power of Steadfast’s top-notch supplements, Surbhi.
Neithongunuo Rio Achumi
Steadfast Athlete and North India’s sporting sensation, Neithongunuo Rio Achumi, has made her mark at the national level by winning the coveted gold medal in the overall bikini division of the NPC National Bodybuilding and Physique Championship held in Chennai in 2022. Neithongunuo had previously won bronze in the National Physique Committee's Bengal Championship held the same year and was hard at work preparing to compete at the national level. Steadfast Nutrition is delighted to support her sporting journey through its nutritional supplements.
Steadfast Athlete Anoli Shah stole the limelight at the 1st India Skate Roller Games, winning a gold medal in the Road Point-to-Point race and a silver medal in the Track Point-to-Point race. The event took place from April 25 to 28 at United Rollers Sports Club, Mohali under the aegis of the Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI).
This victory has taken Anoli’s overall medal tally to 393, which includes 173 gold medals, 128 silver medals, and 92 bronze medals. Steadfast is proud to fuel this wonderful athlete and hopes she continues to glide her way to glory.
Steadfast Athlete Surbhi Jaiswar has become the first athlete in the history of the National Physique Committee's North India and Mr Tricity Physique and Bodybuilding Championship to win back-to-back gold medals. With this win, she’s earned three gold medals and one silver medal in the last six months. Surbhi was placed second in India's greatest bodybuilding competition, the famous Amateur Olympia, and grabbed first position in the Sheru Classic Model Hunt. Thank you Surbhi, for having faith in our supplements and using them in your formula for success.
Winner, 58th All India Railway Track Cycling Championship (Hyderabad)
Rahul Singh
Steadfast Athlete Rahul Singh is back on track. In his first race after a break due to the coronavirus pandemic, the cyclist has outperformed all his competitors by winning the gold medal at the 58th All India Railway Track Cycling Championship. The tournament was organised by the South Central Railway Sports Association (SCRSA) on March 9. Steadfast Nutrition is happy to see its athlete shining brightly again, and wishes him all the best for upcoming events.
Stephen Kosgei
Stephen Kosgei is on a roll. After ending 2021 with a major victory in the Hyderabad Marathon, the Steadfast Athlete has now won an international event by securing the numero uno position in the 16th Safal Pokhara International Marathon Open organised by the Nepal Alumni Forum. Stephen covered the distance of 42.195 km in 2 hours, 19 minutes, and 43 seconds and was awarded a gold medal and four lakh rupees as his prize. Steadfast Nutrition is proud of its athlete and hopes he continues to be in excellent form.
Winner, Hyderabad Marathon 2021
Stephen Kosgei
Stephen won the marathon in the men’s category in a record 2 hours, 23 minutes and 52 seconds. He broke the record of 2019 winner Berhanu Feye’s by three minutes and 18 seconds. Steadfast is proud to power this fine athlete who swears by its supplements.
Winner, 2021 Sheru Classic (Mumbai)
Surbhi Jaiswar
Surbhi kept her winning streak going by adding more medals to her tally at India’s largest bodybuilding championships in 2021- the Sheru classic female model search where she won the Gold in the bikini category. Surbhi feels grateful for the range of premium nutrition by Steadfast that has helped her with her tremendous form.
2021 IFBB Pro Card Winner
Jyoti Gupta
Jyoti’s quest for excellence continues- and how! Not one to rest on her laurels, the Steadfast athlete won the IFBB Pro Card in the Bikini category at the 2021 Amateur Olympia. We have been steadfast in fuelling this determined athlete for her medal-winning performances.
2021 IFBB Pro card winner
Dakini Sellamuthu
Dakini Sellamuthu has proven that dreams can be turned into reality by winning the coveted pro card at the 2021 Amateur Olympia. The feat has won her an entry to international pro leagues. Dakini was the overall bikini bodybuilding champion. Steadfast is proud to back this dauntless athlete.
Winner, MTB Nationals 2021
Shiven, among Steadfast’s leading athletes, is a thorough professional who has proved his mettle in all events in which he has participated. His recent gold in the XCO Men Elite and Bronze in the Mixed Team Relay Categories at the MTB Nationals is proof of his prowess on the cycling track. Shiven also won a gold at the Grey Ghost MTB, beating the best mountain bikers of the country. 
Winner, 18th MTB National Championship
Priyanka Karande
Priyanka Karande stunned all with her outstanding performance and achieved Gold in the Mixed Team Relay and Bronze in the XCO Women Elite Category. Steadfast is thrilled to be a part of this champion athlete’s sporting journey as she explores the uncharted planes of cycling.
Best Cyclist (Women), MTB Nationals 2021 
Pranita Soman
Cycling’s golden girl notched another spectacular performance at the MTB Nationals 2021, emerging victorious in all three categories in which she participated. Pranita won a gold each in the - Mixed team relay, ITT Women Elite and XCO Women Elite Categories. She was also named the Best Cyclist (Women) for her stellar show at the prestigious event. Adding on to her winning streak she won a Gold at Road Nationals under Women Elite: ITT (30 km) category.
Pranita also clinched two golds at the National Mountain Bike Championship held in Karnataka held in February 2021. Steadfast is proud to have contributed to Pranita’s top form.
Winner, NPC North India Bodybuilding and Physique Championship 2021
Surbhi Jaiswar
Surbhi has carved a niche for herself in bikini bodybuilding with her dedication for the sport. She recently won the Gold in the Women's Bikini Category at the NPC North India Bodybuilding and Physique Championship 2021. She vouches for Steadfast supplements and we are ecstatic on her accomplishment.
Winner, MTB Nationals 2021
Adonis Tangpu
Adonis Tangpu, cycling’s rising star, added another feather to his cap by winning multiple medals in the 18th edition of the MTB National Championship. He won 2 Gold in XCO Under-23 and ITT Men Elite, and a Bronze in the XCO Men Elite Category at the MTB Nationals 2021. Steadfast is with him every step of the way. 
Winner Grey Ghost MTB Challenge 2021
Shiven conquered Gold at the Grey Ghost MTB Challenge in Lahaul Spiti on 11 July 2021.
Winner Grey Ghost MTB Challenge 2021
Devender Thakur
Devender Thakur peddled his way to shining Silver at the Grey Ghost MTB Challenge in Lahaul Spiti on 11 July 2021.
Winner Grey Ghost MTB Challenge 2021
David Kumar
David Kumar challenging the odds made it to the 3rd position at the Grey Ghost MTB Challenge in Lahaul Spiti on 11 July 2021.
Winner Tokyo Olympics 2020
Steadfast is proud to have contributed to the glorious sports journey of Nilakanta Sharma, who helped the Indian Men’s Hockey Team win an Olympic medal after 41 years. The midfielder had also won a gold medal earlier, as a part of the Indian team, at the Junior World Cup held in 2016. Steadfast Nutrition takes athletes to the right path, making them ‘Beyond Ordinary’.
Medal at Ultimate Ladakh Cycling Challenge 2020
Shiven is a budding cycling champion with making a name for himself at each event he participates, scoring a medal at the recent cross country marathon Ultimate Ladakh Cycling Challenge (2020).
Winner Ultimate Ladakh Cycling Challenge 2020
Devender Thakur
Devender, an exuberant cyclist with many laurels to his name reclaimed the winner’s position at the Ultimate Ladakh Cycling Challenge (2020). His perseverance for the game upholds the stature of a champion.
Winner National Mountain Bike Championship 2020
Poonam Rana
Poonam Rana marking her territory won 2 Golds in National Mountain Bike Championship, 2020. Her endeavours are proof of her zeal for the sport.
Winner World Powerlifting Championship 2019 & National Pro Powerlifting Championship 2020
Harneet Dhillon
Harneet beautifully aces for perfection with her dedication while she lifts like a pro, securing two medals - Gold for Deadlift and Silver for Full Lifting in December 2019 at Russia. She says, ‘It's not the team with the best players that wins, it's the players with the best team that wins.’
Winner Sheru Classic IHFF 2020
Tapasya Solanki
Tapasya the young and dynamic athlete took the world of sport by storm as she won Gold in Bikini, Sheru Classic Pro Qualifier, IHFF (March 2020). She is also the youngest bikini athlete to compete at IFBB Regional.
Winner Mr. Asia 2019
Rohit Shetty
Steadfast is proud to be a part of Rohit’s journey of becoming the golden boy in Indonesia lifting the Gold at Mr Asia, 2019 on the 2nd of Oct. All set to win, Steadfast we grow!
Winner Sheru Classic IHFF 2019
Sumeet Thapa
Sumeet flaunts his well worked out cuts winning Gold in Bodybuilding, Sheru Classic Pro Qualifier, IHFF 2019. Nothing stops a champion when powered with premium nutrition.
Winner IFBB Pro Card 2019
Mridula Saikia
Dr. Mridula Saikia shackling multiple stereotypes won the Pro Card in Figure Category, IHFF 2019 adding the cherry to her journey as a champion. Steadfast cherishes the bond as a catalyst to this pristinely dedicated athlete in becoming the finest of all-female physique models.
Winner National Road Cycling Championship 2019
Arvind Panwar
Arvind Panwar going by the roads not taken to visit the uncharted landscapes on his bike won Gold in National Road Cycling Championship, November 2019. Geared with the quest of achieving more!
Winner State Roller Skating Championship 2019
Anoli Shah
Anoli Shah, one of the top 5 skaters of the country recently won 3 Gold medals at State Roller Skating Championship, November 2019. This amazingly talented young lady is all for getting better in her sport of skating.
Winner Globeracers Bhatti Lake Ultra Run 2019
Nischint Katoch
With a tally of more than 30 races to Nischint’s credit, he scored Gold at Globeracers Bhatti Lake Ultra Run, November 2019. He is all set to upgrade himself for his next run.
Winner Nainital Half Marathon 2019
Stephen Kosgei
Stephen with his eyes on the finishing line goes all zip zap zoom past you, that made him hold Gold at both the Nainital Half Marathon (2019) and 20 Miler Chennai Marathon (2020). Run it, Win it!
Winner National Road Cycling Championship 2019
Riyazuddin Alam
Riyazuddin Alam with multiple cycling journeys to his credit as a cyclist recently scored Gold in National Road Cycling Championship, November 2019. Pedalling his way through the turbulent paths to become the milestone achiever.