About Us

Steadfast Nutrition is a premium sports and wellness nutrition brand, introduced to offer high-quality supplements to professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Our parent company, Steadfast Medishield Private Limited is a trailblazer in the field of renal care with many life saving medicines to its credit. It is this experience that we carry that makes us say that ‘We understand organs better’. We aim to revolutionise the world of sports and wellness nutrition in India following a unique vision to serve people of all age groups. Steadfast Nutrition ensures that it uses premium grade ingredients. We dutifully adhere to the guidelines of ICMR, FSSAI and WHO and ensure our products are steroid and heavy-metal free.

We Understand Organs Better

Steadfast Medishield Private Limited has been serving patients of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and organ transplantation since 2008. Hence, We Understand Organs Better and know the potential damage that the long-term use of supplements can cause to the kidneys. We ensure that the ingredients we use are of the highest quality and the quantity of dosage and compositions do not harm your organs in the long run. We do rigorous and multiple lab testing from the best laboratories in India so as to make sure we deliver the best.


For Athletes, By Athletes

Mr Aman Puri, the founder of Steadfast Nutrition, has himself always been an avid and competitive athlete all his life, being nationally and internationally accredited in speed skating, cricket, national-level shooting, mountain biking and triathlons. His journey from being a sports enthusiast to competing in national and international events made him realize about the huge gap between the sports fraternity and high-quality sports nutrition. Having done his masters in Environmental Studies with a specialization in eating habits and health, Mr Puri took off on a journey to fill the existing gap. Mr Puri wears many hats - he is a certified specialist in sports, kids and fitness nutrition and also a certified coach in sports and sleep psychology from the USA. The fact that Mr Aman Puri understands the complexities and nutritional needs of the human body makes him the biggest contributor towards developing a new product in our line-up.

Uncompromised Nutrition

We research and test each of our products first on ourselves before passing it on to anyone else to always ensure what we are giving you is the best. Steadfast Nutrition approaches the renowned labs in India to get the products tested, verified and certified before launching them in the market for you and lives up to its pledge of ‘Uncompromised Nutrition’.

Our Values

We respect the dedication you show to prepare yourself for what you are, and therefore we assure you of the highest quality supplements that not only enhance performance but also show immediate results as they are safe to use. We understand that performance matters more than price when it comes to nutrition. So, why consume inferior quality products with minimum research and poorly conducted laboratory tests? It’s a promise we have made to ourselves, our athletes and customers that our formulations lead to medal-winning performances, all the while keeping organ health into consideration.

Go Scoopless With Steadfast

With the increasing number of athletes and their rigorous training hours, consuming the right nutrients in sufficient amounts at the right time is necessary. Steadfast Nutrition, therefore, serves you with supplements that are customised beforehand for perfection and are safe for consumption throughout life. Our products that come in single-serving sachets to maintain the highest quality, undergo several tests to bring forward the promised results for consumption by both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They come in balanced composition and are FSSAI-certified.

Our Mission

Currently, India suffers from protein deficiency. Steadfast is working hard to change the scenario, with a vision of making India a protein efficient country by 2040. Steadfast, being “Proudly Indian”, also aims to make India the Sports Capital of the World by 2050 by improving sports infrastructure and offering better healthcare facilities to its athletes.

Our Achievements

Steadfast today is a premium sports and wellness nutrition brand, with a nationwide reach through its multiple ventures. We are steadily achieving our goals. From the Olympics to Olympia, our athletes have revolutionised the world of sports and fitness in India. A large number of fitness enthusiasts have jumped on the Steadfast bandwagon. We will continue our journey forward.

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