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Steadfast Nutrition is a premium sports nutrition company introduced with an idea to cater high quality supplements to athletes and sportspersons. We aim to revolutionise sports nutrition in India for our sports enthusiasts with a commitment to introduce high quality supplements and follow a unique vision to serve people of all age groups to naturally maximise strength and a positive mind. With multiple lab tests and a dedication to offering the best, we make sure we develop the best and deliver only superior products at your doorstep.

We Understand Organs Better!
A sister company of Steadfast MediShield Pvt. Ltd., we are serving patients of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and organ transplantation since 2008. Getting diagnosed with a CKD is life changing and it takes time to absorb the news itself. The journey of living with chronic kidney disease begins with diagnosis, which many people find challenging to accept, embrace and act on. It leaves a lasting impact not only physically and emotionally, but also has a negative impact on the quality of life of a patient. Thriving with kidney disease is challenging. The food consumed by an individual directly impacts his or her health, based how it is eaten. CKD dietary needs may vary from person to person depending on the CKD stage a patient is in.


With our expertise in the field, we understand the pain and agony that a kidney patient undergoes when on dialysis or transplant and we do not wish to land you up in similar situations after long term usage of supplements. Steadfast Nutrition ensures that the ingredients used are of the highest quality and the dosage and composition is quantified in a manner that it does not harm your organs in the long run. We do rigorous and multiple lab testing from the best laboratories in India so as to make sure we deliver the best. Yes, we understand organs better than anyone else in the industry and we are always committed to excellence.

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By Athletes, For Athletes

Aman Puri, Steadfast Nutrition Director and an athlete throughout life, realised the importance of nutrition during his national and international level races. With the support of the right nutrition, he could achieve targets which his counterparts could not and led him to find out more about nutrition and well being. Aman has also studied and written a specialised thesis in nutrition during his masters programme, due to his interest in the connection between eating habits and its effects on health. Coming from a diabetic family background and residing in a country where 1 in 3 individuals are pre-diabetic with India expected to become the world’s diabetic capital by 2020, he aims to develop products that do not cause aggravated diseases due to the rising health concerns.

Apart from his achievements, Aman founded one of India’s oldest cycling communities, Noida Cycling Club® to promote and motivate people to take up the sport. He is well-acquainted with the necessity of supplements for sportspersons and boasts an ocean of knowledge in the field. We believe that athletes have since long been denied the knowledge of adding high-quality supplements to their diet along with staying at bay from products that assure being side-effects free. Like the old saying goes, “You are what you eat,” Steadfast Nutrition has made it its foremost objective to present unparalleled results in its supplement range to athletes and everyone for enhanced performance, well-being and results.

A Company True with its Claims

We research and test each of our products first on ourselves before on any one else to ensure what we are giving to you is the best. Steadfast Nutrition approaches the renowned labs in India to get our products tested, verified and certified before launching them in the market for you. We know the efforts an athlete puts in to win a race or a competition. We understand what it takes to reach the finish line time after time. We understand the meaning of performance and the role of nutrition to get the best out of you. We have done our homework well and we did so to help you reach the finish line with that satisfaction and smile.

Our Values…

We respect the dedication you show to prepare yourself for what you are and therefore we assure you of the highest quality supplements that will not only enhance performance, but also show immediate results as they are safe to use. We understand that performance matters more than price when it comes to nutrition. So, why pay for inferior quality products with minimum research and least bothered laboratory tests? We spend a lot of time, energy and money to ensure that we deliver the best to our customers and we doubly make sure that our products are free from harmful substances, chemicals, cheap nutrients and heavy metals.

Steadfast Nutrition aims for a stronger India in the world of sports and therefore, we want to present our athletes with the best products that are safe for long term usage and under the dietary compliances as per FSSAI. We strongly believe in the concept of play fair and real and thus use safer ingredients. It gives us immense pride to assert that our products are steroids as well as heavy metals free and are made with the idea of regular use for the best results and long term well being of organs.

A Promise to Our Athletes

With the increasing number of athletes and their rigorous training hours, consuming the right nutrients in sufficient amounts at the right time to prove necessary. Steadfast Nutrition will, therefore, serve you with supplements that are customised beforehand for perfection and that are safe for consumption throughout life. Our products that come in single serving sachets to maintain the highest quality, undergo several tests to bring forward the promised results for consumption by both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They come in balanced composition and are FSSAI Certified.

As you give us the opportunity to take you to a healthy and safe sports nutrition journey with our exclusive range, we guarantee you with hassle-free and quick results. We aim to guide and serve our customers with quality and variety to offer unbeatable results for a lifetime.



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