Bench Press Calculator: Calculate Your 1 REP MAX (1RM)

Steadfast Nutrition’s One rep max calculator (1rm calculator) helps you accurately calculate your strength by defining the maximum force the body can produce with a single muscle contraction. The bench press calculator is the most reliable way to avoid mishaps since one would know their strength beforehand and can attempt lifting weights as per the calculator. 




How to use 1rm calculator bench:

1. Lift a reasonably challenging weight of your choice.

2. Keep lifting the weight till you reach your fatigue point.

3. Enter the weight you lifted into the calculator and the number of reps you accomplished.

4. The result is the one rep max calculator bench that you can achieve.

Please note: You should try to lift enough weight and achieve 6-8 reps to get closer to your accurate one-rep max calculator value.


1RM = W * (1+(r/30))

1RM = One-rep max

W = Weight

R = Number of reps

The right way to bench press:

1. Lie on a flat bench and position yourself under the bar with your feet on the ground.

2. Try to lift the bar by positioning your hands at a wider angle than your shoulders.

3. Lift the weights using either a barbell. Bring the weight down to the chest level. Press upwards while extending your arms.

4. Beginners can start by lifting half their body weight and gradually move to their actual weight and beyond.

Hit your next PR with a 1rm calculator and work harder towards your strength training goals.