Lakshay Jangid

Steadfast Athlete Lakshay Jangid performs jaw dropping stunts, one pedal at a time

Feb 08, 2024

Steadfast Athlete Lakshay Jangid loves living on the edge, performing dangerous stunts on the cycle. He scored a world record for the longest headstand on a moving cycle, registered in the India Book of Records and the Limca Book of Records.

Lakshay was curious even as a child, looking at his surroundings and trying to learn new things. One day he saw a guy very flamboyantly performing stoppie on his cycle with the help of a brick- he took it as a challenge, practising hard till he achieved his goal. Soon after he moved on to performing new stunts on his bike, like wheelies, Bunny Hops, and many more.

Lakshay’s parents were very much against his daily routine of performing new stunts and getting hurt or breaking down his bike due to the falls. He had to give up on his friends as many felt it to be a dangerous sport to participate in- this didn’t stop him but pushed him to work harder. Lakshay got his first professional bike in 2012 and began innovating his tricks to prove his performance.

Lakshay began performing professional stunts and making professional videos for social media in 2012 and 2013. 2014 was a lucky year as he became the first Indian MTB stunt rider to participate in the International MTB Stunt Net Championship. He achieved 11th position in this competition.

In 2015, he stood third in the MTB Stunt Net Championship. The same year, he won the Indian MTB Stunt Championship in Lucknow. In 2016, he won the MTB stunt net championship in Poland, becoming the world champion after defeating 109 riders from all over the globe.

Lakshay faced a collar bone injury while practising acrobat tricks for the next world championship in 2018. But he came out as a true fighter and was determined to fulfill his dreams. His winning streaks have only increased.

Lakshay has been associated with Steadfast Nutrition since 2020.

Steadfast Nutrition believes in his dreams, nurturing him with the best conditioning. He is all set to evolve and bring out the best in his game to beat himself. 

Lakshay is a fan of the energy and hydration drink Snergy and the protein supplement Power Protein, which he uses to boost his energy levels and for muscle recovery.

“I use Snergy before my practice to get that instant kick and Power Protein for recovering my sore arms and legs”.

He also loves Steadfast Clothing, with the Super Steadmax Multiblast tee being his favourite. “The Super Steadmax Multiblast tee is my all-time favourite. The oversized baggy look slings on with my stunting attitude. It feels amazing. The HipHop cap adds to my swag too.”

“I have been a star since I have been a Steadfast Athlete. The recognition I have gotten for myself and my talent is commendable. The products are amazing. It is a pleasure to be a part of the Steadfast Family,” he adds.