Shreya Das

Shreya Das
Shreya Das

Steadfast Athlete Shreya Das is a fierce lady with strong determination who overcame the obstacles of her life to achieve where she is today. She has won several competitions to prove her metal for the sport and her healthy regime is proof of her dedication.

Steadfast Nutrition is all set to give her the goodness of premium quality nutrition as she aces for her next victory.

The incredible list of her achievements include :
  • Silver at Miss. Assam fitness NABBA/WFF, 2016
  • Gold at Miss. Assam Bikini NABBA/WFF, 2018
  • Gold at Miss Assam Sports Model, 2018
  • 2nd at Miss. Indian Women's Bodybuilding NABBA/WFF 2017
  • Gold at IFA Classic, 2017 
  • Gold at FF Classic, 2017
  • 6th at Boss Classic, 2017
  • Silver at IFA Classic Women's Bodybuilding, 2017
  • Bronze at IHFF Delhi, 2019
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