Weighed 90 kg, Now an Ace Bikini Athlete, says Steadfast Athlete Shreya Das

Weighed 90 kg, Now an Ace Bikini Athlete, says Steadfast Athlete Shreya Das

Feb 19, 2024

Steadfast Athlete Shreya Das has an unwavering resolve, which has helped her surmount challenges and become a champion bikini athlete. Her success in contests demonstrates her talent for the sport while her commitment to a healthy lifestyle is demonstrated by her fitness regimen. Shreya has many feats to her credit- she won the bronze medal at the Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers 2019, gold at the Miss Assam Bikini bodybuilding championship in 2018, silver at the IFA Classic Women’s Bodybuilding championship 2017, and gold at the FF Classic Bodybuilding championship 2017, amongst others. She is also a fantastic trainer who creates individualised plans based on body goals and understands the demands of an athlete’s body.

Shreya’s inspiring fitness journey began in 2011. She worked out in the gym for the first three years, but realised she needed to lose weight after she couldn’t fit into a dress. She exercised and lost 10 kg within a year, weighing 86 kg from 90 kg. It was a life-changing experience for Shreya. One day, she realised that a few women were also participating in competitions. Back then, not many women competed in bikini bodybuilding championships. Shreya wanted to take the road not taken. She participated in a district-level competition. Though she didn’t win, the event boosted her confidence. She met her coach Mr Varun Dev Singh in 2015. Her life took a different turn. She competed in several shows and never returned without a medal, finally winning a bronze at the Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers in 2019.

“I believe struggle is always important. Every transformation story has to start from something bad. My story has started with support of my family. None of my friends supported me when I began competing as a bodybuilding athlete because the profession was mocked back then.”

Shreya has excelled in the fitness industry despite health issues. She credits Steadfast Nutrition for backing her and supporting her in her fitness journey.

“Steadfast Nutrition came into my life in the end of 2017 before I competed in the  Sheru Classic. It has always been an important part of my life. Steadfast has always kept its athletes as their first priority. I have been treated like a family member by the Steadfast team. They have taken care of each and every detail while we complete, valuing the nutritional need of each of us.

Her favourite supplements are the protein supplements LIV Raw and Incredible Isolate and Curcumin, which helps tackle inflammation.

“My favourite products by Steadfast Nutrition is LIV Raw, Incredible Isolate and Curcumin. I have acute arthritis- Curcumin has helped me to strength my joints and bones. It's been five years since my association with Steadfast Nutrition.”

We at Steadfast are sure Shreya will reach even greater heights in her profession and wishes her the best for her future championships.