Javed Rangrej

Javed Rangrej

Steadfast Athlete Javed Rangrej is a highly popular physique athlete from Rajasthan. Under the excellent guidance of his coach Atinder Jeet Singh- also from the Steadfast family- the 26-year-old has won numerous bodybuilding competitions. Starting as a regular fitness enthusiast in 2011, Javed worked his way up from the district level to the state level, and finally to the national level. He currently works for the Rajasthan Police Department and has twice earned the gold medal at the All India Police Wrestling Cluster Games.

Know more about him: 

  • Date of Birth: March 5
  • Food Allergy: None
  • Food preferences: Non-vegetarian 
  • Morning routine: 15 minutes of stretching after drinking one glass of luke warm water
  • Coach: Atinder Jeet Singh
  • Favourite sportsperson: Phil Heath
  • Favourite Steadfast Nutrition Products: Snergy, Incredible Isolate, Fish Oil, and Vitamin D3 
  • Date of Joining Steadfast: April 26, 2022

Major Achievements

Gold at Mr Rajasthan Junior (IBBF), 2015

Silver at North India Senior (IBBF), 2016

Title Winner at Mr Rajasthan Junior (IBBF), 2017

Bronze at All India Inter-University Best Physique Championship, 2017-18 

Gold at 67th All India Police Wrestling Cluster Games, 2018 

Gold at 68th All India Police Wrestling Cluster Games, 2019

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