Javed Rangrej: Cop and Champion Steadfast Athlete

Javed Rangrej: Cop and Champion Steadfast Athlete

Steadfast Athlete Javed Rangrej is a cop and physique athlete who has won and finished in the top three in several bodybuilding competitions, including a gold in Men's Bodybuilding (80-8 5kg) at NPC Punjab State Championship 2022, silver at the Bigfit Classic 2022 (classic physique) and bronze (bodybuilding) at the Bigfit Classic 2022.

Javed Rangrej has been an athlete for 12 years and has competed professionally since seven. His fitness journey began as a fitness enthusiast in 2011. He advanced from the district to the national level and won the gold medal twice at the All India Police Wrestling Cluster Games as a part of the Rajasthan police force.

It was not an easy journey, to begin. He belonged to Bikaner, a small town where there was a lack of guidance regarding training and nutrition and very few nutrition brands. The city was not developed and not many people knew about the sport of bodybuilding. Till his All India university competition, his journey was tough due to a lack of resources. Despite all odds, Javed won the bronze medal at the All India University Bodybuilding competition in 2017. He got a job with the Rajasthan police due to his achievements. He is currently serving in the police force and continuing his passion for bodybuilding.

He started bodybuilding to get a job but realised it gave him more joy than anything. Being in this sport had its own set of challenges- Javed had to eat boiled and tasteless food, compromise on his social life, and cut down on his expenses. He is grateful to his friends and family for understanding his difficulties.

Javed says bodybuilding keeps him going and gives him patience, faith, focus, and stability.

“Bodybuilding is not a game of a couple of years. It demands your whole life, which in one's perception can be said as compromised or what I say ‘dedicated’”, says Javed.

The turning point in Javed’s bodybuilding journey came when he got a job with the Rajasthan Police. He got a chance to meet athletes from different parts of the country and the opportunity to explore more about his sport. He started competing in 2018 and won a gold at the All India Police Wrestling Cluster Games in 2018 and 2019.

In 2022, he realised that his physique was more of a classic physique, so he changed his division to Classic Physique and competed in the NPC Punjab 2022, winning the silver medal. He made it to the top five at the Amateur Olympia the same year.

Javed’s favourite Steadfast Nutrition supplement is the energy and hydration drink Snergy. He says Steadfast Nutrition has supported him in his sporting journey and made competing at events seem effortless since it takes care of all arrangements associated with the competition.

“My favourite product is Snergy (Orange). It keeps me energetic during my workout sessions. It has a mild flavour, tastes good, and is easy to digest. I am grateful to share that being connected to Steadfast Nutrition makes me feel like I'm connected to the whole nation. Whichever part of  the country I want to go to and participate in, Steadfast Nutrition is always there for support. I feel connected when I meet Steadfast Athletes from different parts of the nation. I enjoy the perks of being a steadfast athlete in the Sheru Classic and other IHFF shows since I don't have to worry about anything. The team is there for registration and accommodation, which helps me focus on my competition.The brand provides me with good quality and a variety of nutritional supplements, which I can choose based on my fitness goals,” says Javed.

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