Hima Chetri
Hima Chetri

Steadfast Athlete Hima Chetri is a banker by profession, and a fitness enthusiast, influencer & nutritionist by passion. Her fitness journey began in Nov 2015 with her inclination towards practising yoga. Recovering from her injury where she broke her tail bone lead her to a phase of depression so she started to lift to forgo both her physical and mental pain. 

She has run various marathons in Guwahati with 21 km being the longest run of her life. Her love for weights brought her back and boosted her confidence giving her the correct kind of motivation. 

She says, “Moving on is the key to stay motivated and no wait to start. Either you give up on life or life shall give up upon you and STAY MOTIVATED. Because no one else can motivate you, you are your kind of motivation.”


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