Steadfast Nutrition’s Vitamin D3, Honey Peanut Butter, and Fish Oil are safe to take during pregnancy, says nutritionist Hima Chetri

Steadfast Nutrition’s Vitamin D3, Honey Peanut Butter, and Fish Oil are safe to take during pregnancy, says nutritionist Hima Chetri

Hima Chetri nutritionist, banker, and fitness influencer by passion, has transformed numerous lives with her insightful food and nutrition tips. Her fitness journey is one of courage and determination. She’s a perfect example of how one can be dedicated to remaining fit and maintaining a regular day job. According to her, you should work out for 45 minutes every day.

Hima, who’s from a non-science field, ventured into a different field from her initial years, wanting to learn why each food group is so important to reach people and improving the overall quality of life.

She began practising yoga in 2015 but suffered a tailbone injury, which led to depression. She started lifting to fight her physical and mental agony. Her love for weights brought her back into the game, motivating her and boosting her confidence. 

Fitness has undoubtedly turned her into a strong being and helped her successfully battle depression.

Meeting different kinds of people and learning their way of looking at life and food made her even more determined to guide them. In general, people carry very different perceptions of fitness. They think dieting means eating boiled food or eating less, which causes slimming, a philosophy she intended to break.

Hima, who belongs to Guwahati, has run several marathons in the city. She believes in moving on and eating right.

“Moving on and not waiting to start is the key to staying motivated. Either you give up on life, or life shall give up on you,” Hima says. “There is nothing called cheat meals- you need to know how to balance your meals.”

Her mother is the source of her motivation, supporting Hima in achieving her dreams.

The fitness influencer shared two myths in today’s society. First, carbohydrates are bad and should not be taken at night, and second that supplements destroy organs.

With the role she plays in fitness, Hima herself has been associated with a nutraceutical brand, Steadfast Nutrition. As an athlete and a fitness expert, she recommends supplements to supplements to professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Hima is on her way to becoming a mother and is even more careful about her fitness routine and the supplements and diet she takes.

In her seventh month, she has started using selected Steadfast Nutrition products. CollaStead has been her all-time favourite.

CollaStead acts as a miracle to cure my acne-prone skin. I started getting acne again during my initial pregnancy days. But thankfully, I’m getting back my normal skin again.”

Hima’s other go-to products are Incredible Whey, Peanut Butter Honey Crunchy, SteadCrunch (Chocolate), Fish Oil, Vitamin D3, and Multivitamin. She says Fish Oil, Vitamin D3, and Multivitamin are safe to take during pregnancy.

“These products are safe and can be used during pregnancy without a second thought. The right micronutrients are not only essential for a mother’s body but also for the proper brain development of the child.”

Hima’s goal is to become a successful professional athlete. She aims to be on an international platform, representing what she stands for.

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