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When one has a fast metabolism or consume less calories a day or want to gain muscle mass and size, having a complete stack of nutrient to attain a full size require lots amount of nutrients and that may not be fulfilled with a normal food diet. Mass Gainer that is loaded with enough calories, carbohydrate, protein and other nutrients would be needed to gain on mass and size.

Why Power Massive?

Power Massive is a mass gainer...

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When one has a fast metabolism or consume less calories a day or want to gain muscle mass and size, having a complete stack of nutrient to attain a full size require lots amount of nutrients and that may not be fulfilled with a normal food diet. Mass Gainer that is loaded with enough calories, carbohydrate, protein and other nutrients would be needed to gain on mass and size.

Why Power Massive?

Power Massive is a mass gainer which comes with an amazing blend of simple and complex carbohydrates along with slow and fast releasing proteins. Power Massive's high calorie content not only helps you in meeting daily calories requirements but also helps build muscle mass. The combination of simple and complex carbohydrates delivers instant energy and also supplies continuous energy to replenish lost glycogen stores. Slow and fast releasing proteins work together in our body providing quick as well as sustained recovery of muscles and enhanced muscle synthesis. During workout, body loses many electrolytes in the form of sweat and tissues wearing out. Power Massive also contains essential 26 vitamins and minerals to restock lost nutrient stores and prevent deficiencies. Power Massive gives additional benefits of Taurine and Choline. The Taurine content prevents oxidative stress, makes you alert, increases uptake of nutrients in muscle cells and boosts energy levels improving one’s performance. Choline is another benefitting special ingredient which assists in effective muscle contractions, decreasing fatigue elevating energy levels. Power Massive acts as an anti-inflammatory which can help athletes quickly recover from muscle soreness. Power Massive comes in delicious chocolate flavour and contains no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Digestive enzymes like protease and lactase will support our digestive system in keeping issues like indigestion, acidity and gas formation at bay. Just two servings of Power Massive per day is the most convenient solution of fulfilling your increased calorie demands. Unlike many other mass gainers out there, Power Massive has good mixability.

What Does Power Massive Constitutes?

Power Massive is a complete Mass Gainer which offers 468.7 Kcal of Energy in each serving of 125 gm thereby giving a complete stack of nutrition and extra calories that helps in muscle gain and also increases the body mass to a greater extent.

Power Massive provides 95 gm of Simple and Complex Carbohydrates
1. Maltodextrin
2. Dextrose Monohydrate
3. Fructose

Power Massive offers 19.3 gm of Slow and Fast Release Proteins
1. Whey Protein Concentrate
2. Calcium Caseinate

Power Massive is full of Micronutrients with each serving offering

Special Ingredients
Taurine, Choline and Digestive Enzymes (Protease and Lactase)

Per 2 servings of 125 g of Power Massive provides 34.3% of calories, 64.6% of protein and 8.3% of Fats that is required daily as per Recommended Dietary Allowance per day. The vitamins quantity is such that per 2 servings of 125 g will provide you over 50% requirement of RDA and per 2 servings of Power Massive will provide minerals from 14.8% - 70% of RDA per day.

Benefits of the Power Massive.

• It helps to supply carbohydrates, protein and other essential nutrients for muscle growth.
• It aids to provide right calories for weight gain and helps in building muscle tone and mass.
• It aids to deliver 468.7 calories along with 95 grams of Carbohydrates grams of protein and is highly recommended to build muscle volume and body mass faster.
• It is integrated with amino acids and digestive enzymes for faster post-workout recovery and easy digestion.
• It aids in the stimulation of immune system and metabolic rate with right macro- and micronutrients.

Who can take Power Massive?

People who are looking to increase their total calorie intake along with building muscle mass can opt for Power Massive depending upon their needs.

Endurance Athletes

After an intense athletic performance demanding high endurance like marathon, swimming, cycling, mountain biking etc, a well-balanced post workout meal is paramount. Athletes must consume a perfect combination of carbohydrates and proteins so as to promote muscle synthesis, to repair muscles and to refill lost glycogen stores. Power Massive with its impressive profile of appropriate carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and special ingredients like Taurine and Choline, makes it an ideal post-exercise meal for them. Endurance athletes can take 1-2 sachets a day.

Strength Athletes

468.7 deliciously-rich calories designed to maximise your tireless efforts in the gym. Muscle building demands dedication, diet and workout. When body builders are in their bulking phase, they need to consume at least 2500-4000 calories per day depending upon the fitness goal and intensity of workout. Power Massive can be used by body builders to accomplish their increased needs. This formulation is perfect to meet the parameters of post workout nutrition. Strength athletes can take 2-4 sachets a day depending upon how exponential they want to gain body mass.

Hard Gainers

Majority of individuals can be categorised under a specific body type - Endomorphs, Mesomorphs and Ectomorphs. Ectomorphs usually have a lean body type, high metabolic rate and finds it really hard to gain weight and muscle. Power Massive is a boon for people who finds gaining weight and muscle challenging for them. Excess calorie intake is recommended to them so as to challenge the BMR. Along with a proper well-balanced diet, Power Massive can be consumed to fill the gap between the diet and desired fitness goal.

When to take Power Massive?

Power Massive can be consumed any time during the day. Though Power Massive is an incredible post workout meal for strength and endurance athletes but some fitness freaks also prefer them consuming before workout. Power Massive is a complete package providing necessary proteins for muscle repair and growth and important blend of carbohydrates. Athletes undergo lot of depletion of glycogen and electrolytes during workout, hence it aids in recovering the lost stores. If taken as a healthy meal or snack, then the benefits of Power Massive can be utilised at anytime of the day as well. Either simply consume it in water or make some yummy recipes using peanut butter, nuts, dates etc. as per your taste buds.

Power Massive one serving of 125 gm should be mixed in 250 ml water in a shaker. One should consume 2 servings per day or depending upon their requirement. One can also mix Power Massive in milk.

Maltodextrin, Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate), Dextrose Monohydrate, Fructose, Cocoa Powder, Minerals (Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Tri Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Ferric Pyrophosphate, Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate, Manganese Sulphate Monohydrate, Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate, Chromium Chloride, Sodium Molybdate, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Selenite), Thickener (INS 412), Emulsifier {INS 322(i)}, Vitamins (Choline Bitartrate, L-Ascorbic Acid, DL-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate, Nicotinamide, Retinyl Acetate, Ergocalciferol, Calcium D Pentothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Thiamine Hydrochloride, n-pteroyl-l-glutamic acid, D-Biotin, Cyanocobalamin), Taurine, Protease Enzyme (0.02%) and Lactase Enzyme (0.01%).



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1. How many calories does SN Power Massive provide?

An athlete usually needs 3000-4000 Kcal per day if the fitness goal is to gain muscle mass. One serving of Power Massive is recommended twice per day in support to your diet.

2. What is the benefit of consuming slow and fast releasing proteins, when taken together?

Power Massive has whey protein concentrate and calcium caseinate as sources of proteins. Whey has the property of quickly releasing amino acids in our body whereas casein acts by releasing them slowly. This results in not only quick muscle recovery but also supports recovery for a longer duration due to the presence of casein.

3. Does it contain any vitamins and minerals?

Power Massive provides 14 minerals and 12 vitamins.

4. What are the benefits of Taurine?

Power Massive provides 93.75 mg of Taurine per serving. Taurine is a powerful antioxidant which protects our cell membranes from getting damaged by free radicals. It reduces oxidative stress and improves athletic performance.

5. How choline is beneficial for athletes?

Choline delays the onset of fatigue during strenuous physical activity. It improves muscle contraction and acts as a precursor of Acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter to activate muscles. Additionally, choline helps in maximizing performance enabling athlete to perform well.

6. Is it safe for lactose intolerant?

Power Massive contains milk derivatives so it is not recommended to people who are lactose intolerant.

7. Does SN Power Massive contain digestive enzymes?

Some people might face difficultly during the initial phase to digest gainers as their high calorie content puts an additional load on the digestive system. Enhanced with digestive enzymes, Power Massive supports the digestion and prevents the symptoms of indigestion like bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, acidity and heartburn.

8. What is the recommended dosage of SN Power Massive?

Minimum of 2 sachets / day (125 grams each) is the recommended dosage of Power Massive for mass gaining results.

9. How can you consume SN Power Massive?

Mix 1 sachet (125 grams) in 250 ml of water using a shaker or blender.

10. Who can consume SN Power Massive?

Strength and Endurance Athletes looking to increase the calorie content of their diet so as to build mass can consume Power Massive. In addition, people with high metabolic rate who find it hard to gain weight can also make use of Power Massive.

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