My favourite Steadfast product got to be 'INCREDIBLE WHEY', apart from the fact that it comes in amazing flavours of strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and mango, I love how versatile it is and can be added to oats, smoothies, milkshakes, pancakes, cakes, crepes, ice cream and the list continues! It never lets eating healthy get boring. On top of getting high-quality 24.8 gm of whey protein, it has taurine which helps regulate the immune system, support the functioning of our central nervous system along with maintaining hydration and electrolyte balance which makes it a complete post-workout supplement. Another very striking feature is that it has added ALA, that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties which help the muscle fibres recover more efficiently. Also, the addition of inositol makes it a serotonin booster elevating stress induced on the body through the intense workout session. It also has added digestive enzymes so there's no bloating at all! With such an unmatched quality it's the bliss of health in a sachet! ❤

Favourite Product:

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