I am Deeksha Choudhary, an international badminton player. I started playing at the age of 9 with my father's encouragement and enrolling for a badminton class. I have maintained my position of being the number one player in my State, also have played national & international tournaments over the course of time. I love many Steadfast Products like POWER ACTIVE, SNERGY, COLLASTEAD, HERBFIZZ, MULTIVITAMIN, FISH OIL & VITAMIN D3. All the products from Steadfast are awesome, and I'm glad to be part of this family. But if asked to pick a favourite then mine would be Power Active and Snergy. As Power Active helps me burn away the extra fat and at the same time tastes very good. I take it in between my meals when I have less time to devote to eat and still wish to keep my nutrient game on point. The other being Snergy that helps to boost my performance while playing matches & reduces cramps too. Both of these make my highest list and never fail to amaze me. 
Favourite Products:

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