Mar 22, 2023

SteadCrunch is a delicious, nutritious energy bar of muesli, raisins, and almonds, which satisfies mid-meal hunger pangs and sweet cravings. The multigrain blend of oats, wheat flakes, and cornflakes provides satiety and improves digestion; carbohydrates, a little fat, zinc, and vitamin C boost energy levels. SteadCrunch is cholesterol-free, making it a healthier alternative to other energy bars. A single bar of SteadCrunch offers 141 kcal of energy, 1.80 g of protein, 5 mg of fat, 9 mg of vitamin C, 2.23 g of Iron, and 0.65 mg of zinc.

SteadCrunch ingredients and advantages

Muesli: Muesli is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, and dietary fibre, which provide satiety and aid in weight management. It’s a healthier option than a sugary breakfast and protects the heart. The low calories in muesli may help in weight loss.

Raisins: Raisins provide a natural sweetness to SteadCrunch and are high in antioxidants and iron.

Almonds/Nuts: Almonds contain beneficial fats, fibres, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They lower cholesterol and increase satiety, helping in weight loss.

Honey: Honey has antibacterial qualities, is an antioxidant and contributes to SteadCrunch’s delicious flavour.

Chocolate and Cocoa: The chocolate flavour of SteadCrunch is due to the coating of chocolate and cocoa, an antioxidant that protects our body and boosts mood.

Who can eat SteadCrunch?

SteadCrunch is a nutritious energy bar for athletes, office workers, and children above five years.

Athletes can take SteadCrunch during a sporting activity that requires extra energy.

SteadCrunch can be a healthy munching option for office goers as they tend to opt for junk food which can lead to digestive problems and other health issues.

SteadCrunch can be given to children who crave chocolates and unhealthy junk food. SteadCrunch not only satiates their sweet craving but also provides nutrients and energy for daily activities.

How Snacks are an essential part of daily meals

Snacks are an essential part of our daily diet and prevent us from feeling hungry between meals and overeating at the subsequent one. They supply energy throughout the day, including during workouts. Unhealthy snacks can cause a variety of diseases.

Snacks provide us with vitamins and minerals and provide children the energy they require to grow and play. The extended hours between meals may be challenging for many people and children. So, one should consider eating a small, nutritious snack before dinner like SteadCrunch, veggie sticks, or fruit to satiate our appetite while leaving room for a healthy meal.

Snacking advantages:

1. Increase energy levels: Snacking fuels the body when it requires extra energy while working out or in the office. They boost energy levels when blood glucose levels drop between meals.

2. Lower Cravings: Taking small meals is preferable to eating large meals throughout the day since it keeps you satiated, helping in weight management and preventing overeating.

3. Reduce Binge-eating: Being hungry at frequent intervals leads you to eat processed food. Snacking in between meals minimises the likelihood of consuming junk food.

Healthy Snacks to Include

Healthy snacking alternatives include muesli, raisins, almonds, nuts, and dark chocolate.

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