SteadCreatine provides 1500 mg of Creatine Monohydrate, a popular ergogenic supplement for athletes who perform high-intensity activities since it helps improve performance in sports events. SteadCreatine comes in an effervescent tablet form, which increases its absorption and makes it gentle on the stomach.

SteadCreatine boosts phosphocreatine stores, generating ATP (a form of energy). With any exercise, our bodies use ATP quicker than produced, resulting in depletion- SteadCreatine replenishes these phosphocreatine reserves, creating more ATP, which results in improved workout performance.

SteadCreatine increases muscle strength, which reduces fatigue and results in faster muscle recovery. It increases phosphocreatine reserves in the brain, which enhances cognitive performance.

Creatine is a naturally-occurring amino acid in muscle cells, which helps provide energy to muscles during heavy lifting or high-intensity activities

It increases muscle mass, strength, and workout performance.

The body does have enough creatine stored as phosphocreatine to perform  an activity. However, when you workout, you use significantly more energy than usual. If you are performing a strenuous activity, your body will demand extra energy, necessitating supplementation. 

The FSSAI recommends that adults can consume 3 g of creatine per day and should not exceed this dosage.

In healthy individuals, using Creatine at the recommended amount does not cause kidney injury or renal failure.

Creatine is a fuel source. It helps us manufacture more phosphocreatine, which regenerates ATP that provides energy for all bodily processes, allowing us to boost the intensity of our workouts. Buy Creatine

We enhance our stored creatine phosphate by supplementing with a creatine supplement, which offers us extra energy for our workouts.

Another property of creatine is its ability to hydrate muscle cells. When your muscles contain more water, they become larger and more pumped.

With ageing, there are chances that we may lose our bone muscle mass- creatine supplementation may help maintain lean our muscle mass. It also acts as caffeine, stimulating us, which improves athletic performance and stamina during comprehensive workout sessions.

Studies suggest that taking dietary creatine supplements after a strenuous workout helps reduce muscle injury and accelerate the recovery process.

Benefits of SteadCreatine

1. Promotes Muscles Growth

Creatine has proven to be an excellent supplement due to its ability to increase phosphocreatine levels in skeletal muscle tissues, increasing the capacity of ATP resynthesis during High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts.

2. Reduces tiredness and lethargy

SteadCreatine reduces fatigue and exhaustion by raising dopamine levels in the brain, which delivers extra energy.

3. May help manage diabetes

Creatine reduces blood sugar levels by delivering blood sugar to muscles. A study states those who supplement creatine with exercise have better blood sugar levels than those who exercise but don’t take the supplement.

4. Increases exercise intensity

SteadCreatine supplementation can increase muscle reserves and improve performance in high-intensity activities like sprinting and weight lifting. SteadCreatine is a fuel source for high-intensity, short-duration activities also.

5. Improves brain function

Our brain requires a substantial quantity of ATP while performing any activity- SteadCreatine can help manufacture more phosphocreatine, which helps us make more ATP, improving cognitive function.

Because creatine can enhance ATP levels, it can help delay or stop disease development.

How should you take SteadCreatine?

Drop a tablet in 200 ml of water. Let it fizz and dissolve completely. Drink!

When should you take SteadCreatine?

The best time to take SteadCreatine is 30 minutes before or after a workout.

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