Several people have begun following a nutritious diet and are living a healthy lifestyle. Restriction of food and timings have a great impact on our health.  Unhealthy food exposes us to certain kind of diseases or conditions like obesity, heart diseases, etc.

Deficiency of a single nutrient may hinder the growth and functioning of the body. Nutrient deficiency may cause muscle weakness, muscle fatigue, lower immunity, etc. So, a well-balanced diet is the ideal way to prevent nutritional deficiency. A nutritious diet involves planning of a healthy meal.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast keeps us energised throughout the day. Most people are inclined towards health drinks that offer energy and strength. These drinks improve your metabolism. Do you know that your gut is the second brain of your body? Feed it well with nutritious foods to help you think better.

Power Active is a health drink that has both macronutrients and micronutrients, for active people. It boosts the body’s immunity, helps gain muscle mass, improves concentration and weight loss. Power Active in along with daily meals provides us with the best of all nutrients. It is consumed either as a breakfast shake or evening snack.

Power Active 

Consuming Power Protein for breakfast will offer you a wide spectrum of health benefits which are outlined below:

  • For  an energised day

Our body is highly dependent on carbs as a source of energy. All the voluntary and involuntary functions carried out in the body need energy that is derived by metabolising glucose. Additionally, carbs have a  protein-sparing action which means in case of the depletion of the body’s glycogen content the protein present in the body is used as an energy source. This results in muscle protein breakdown.

Power Active is a good amalgam of both complex and simple carbs. It contains maltodextrin, a complex carb, which steadily refills the bloodstream with glucose. Fructose is a reducing sugar that delivers glucose to the body for a prolonged period. This combination will keep you energised for a long duration. Along with carbs, it also contains vitamins and minerals which are critical for energy production like biotin, pantothenic acid, sodium, potassium and L-carnitine.

  • Promote lean muscle mass

Protein is known as the building block for muscles. It is required for the synthesis of muscles, tissues, hormones, enzymes, haemoglobin and neurotransmitters of the body.

Power Active comprises of Whey protein concentrate and skimmed milk powder promoting lean muscle mass. Whey protein concentrate contains carbs (lactose) and some fats. Whey concentrate dispenses amino acids necessary for repairing injured muscles, promotes muscle growth and hypertrophy. It also consists of branched-chain amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) which instigate the protein synthesis in muscles.

  • Boost immunity

Power Active contains all vital nutrients for the proper functioning of the immune system and thus protect us from fever, infections and viral. It comprises of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K), vitamin C and B complex vitamins which play a cardinal role in improving immunity.

  • Increases bone density

Calcium is the most important nutrient for bone density. Power Active contains calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in an adequate amount which supports bone density.

  • Weight Management

Power Active helps in gaining fat-free mass as it is a good source of protein and L-carnitine. Protein enhances the lean muscle mass while L-carnitine metabolises the excess fat deposited in the body.

  • Healthier Blood

Power Active contains nutrients (like B complex vitamins, Vitamin A, K, magnesium and folic acid) which stimulates haemopoiesis and promotes healthier blood which means improving the blood-health related nutrients in circulation.

  • Improve the cognitive function

Power Active contains crucial nutrients like L-carnitine and taurine that are known to improve the attention and concentration power. In a recent study conducted by Cuturic M et al. (2010) showed a reversal of diagnosis of dementia and full recovery of their cognitive abilities in 8 out of 14 patients after daily ingestion of ALCAR.

  • Exercise and recovery

In resistance-trained males, ingestion of carnitine 90 minutes before an intense workout significantly improves the peak power output and reduces the lactate level (Jacobs et al. 2009).

Taurine acts as an antioxidant that protects the muscle from free-radical oxidative damage. A study conducted by Zhang M et al. (2004) revealed that taurine safeguards muscles from exercise-induced DNA damage, which in turn amplifies the potential of exercising because of its cellular protective properties.

Therefore, we conclude from this that Power Active is a health-based drink meant for active people. The best suited time is prior to exercising and after exercise but, it can be taken at any time of the day. This rich composition furnishes you with all the vital nutrients required for the overall development. Deficiency of a single nutrient may hinder the growth and functioning of the body.  So, a well-balanced diet is the ideal way to prevent nutritional deficiency. Power Active in conjunction with daily meals provides us with a healthy lifestyle.


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