Stephen kosgei

Stephen kosgei
Stephen Kosgei

Steadfast Athlete Stephen Kosgei is a marathon runner from Kenya who believes that determination yields the best results, proving his mettle for the sport with back-to-back marathon wins. This Champion recently won by a mile at the Safal Pokhara International Marathon 2023 (42.195 km) in Nepal. Stephen has also won the gold at three events in India- the Hyderabad Marathon (2021), the Chennai Marathon (2020), and the Nainital Half Marathon (2019). He’s all set to participate in the Tokyo Marathon, among the toughest marathons in the world.


• Gold at Safal Pokhara International Marathon, 2023

• Gold at Nepal Pokhara Marathon, 2022

• Bronze at Banjul Marathon Gambia,  2022

• Gold at Porto marathon Brazil, 2022

• Gold at Hyderabad Marathon, 2021

• Gold at Chennai Marathon, 2020

• Gold at Nainital Half Marathon, 2019

Know More About Him :

*Food preference: Vegetarian

*Coach: Patrick San

*Favourite Sportsperson: Eliud Kipchoge

*Favourite products - Carborance, Snergy

*Date of Joining Steadfast: January 1, 2020

*Profession: Marathon Runner

*Hobbies: Reading Sports Novels

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