Steadfast Sports Marks its Third Anniversary with a Duathlon

One of the biggest ventures of Steadfast Consortium, Steadfast Sports celebrated its third anniversary with a duathlon event that combined 20 km of cycling with a 5 km run, drawing over 120 enthusiastic participants. The event, a collaboration with the Consortium’s division, the Noida Cycling Club, kicked off at the iconic GIP Mall Gate 9, where participants embarked on a challenging 20 km cycling route followed by a 4 km run.

As a sign of their involvement, each guest received branded T-shirts and premium supplements from Steadfast Nutrition, as well as other lovely presents. The event was beautifully captured with amazing images and videos, capturing the essence and excitement of the day for long-lasting memories.

Before the event kicked off, the Noida Cycling Club team talked to all the participants about the rules of the road and how to stay safe. They made it clear that safety was the most important thing for everyone involved. This briefing was to make sure that everyone knew how to ride safely during the event.

As the ride began with full enthusiasm, the cycle racing started with high energy and power, showcasing the determination of each participant. The event was documented through photos & videos, boosting the riders' morale as they pedalled through the route.

After the completion of the cycling race, the participants were still full of energy. Soon, after the cycling race, participants moved to a 4 km run, marking the final stage of the duathlon. Following the run, participants were rewarded for their efforts with medals and a goodie bag, which included items from the house of Steadfast Nutrition.

Steadfast Sports Duathlon event demonstrated the dedication and passion of its participants while underscoring the brand's commitment to promoting health and fitness within the community. The event not only celebrated the anniversary of Steadfast Sports but also highlighted the growing popularity and excitement surrounding duathlon events!