Steadfast Nutrition, Nutrition Partner for Saucony Run for Good 2022

Saucony, a classic brand in the world of running shoes, organised an exciting fitness-oriented activity - the Saucony Run for Good 2022. This running event featured three categories: 3 km, 5 km, and 10 km, inviting people of all ages to participate and enjoy the thrill of running. Steadfast Nutrition backed the event as the nutrition partner, promoting health and well-being at the event.

The assembly for the race kicked off at 5:30 am at the Cyclofit Store in Indirapuram. About 150 athletes of different age groups, starting from 10 years old, gathered with enthusiasm and energy to take part in the run.

Steadfast Nutrition played a vital role by providing its Peanut Butter Honey Smooth supplement sachets to all the participants. Our single-serving sachets are easy to carry and consume during the run, offering a quick boost of energy and helping to stave off hunger pangs. The warm-up session before the run featured a fun Zumba activity, with Steadfast Athlete Gurleen Kaur also joining in the excitement.

The races commenced at 6:20 am for all categories, with athletes competing in their respective distances. As the runners started returning to the assembly point after completing their runs, excitement grew. Some of the participants shared their feedback about the Peanut Butter Honey provided by team Steadfast, expressing their satisfaction with its taste and effectiveness.

Following the run, participants engaged in fun and challenging activities, including a push-up challenge where prizes were awarded to those who completed the most push-ups. Steadfast Athlete Gurleen Kaur once again proved her dedication to fitness by winning the challenge.


The event also featured an inspiring story from Mr Praveen Kumar Teotia, a commando who bravely fought during the 26/11 Mumbai Taj attack. Despite sustaining severe injuries, he persevered and reached new heights of fitness, becoming an Iron Man athlete. The crowd felt so motivated and moved by his story. 

After the event, athletes replenished their energy by consuming Peanut Butter Honey and enjoying refreshments. Amazingly, the Saucony Run for Good was a fulfilling & energising experience, promoting fitness, community, and a sense of well-being among all participants and visitors.