Steadfast Nutrition, Nutrition Partner at MTB Shimla 2023

Steadfast Nutrition was the nutrition partner for the most awaited event of the year for mountain bikers - the MTB Shimla 2023, having had a long-standing partnership for the event since 2017. The stage race covers two days, where riders from across the globe cover approximately 130+ kilometres in the mighty and beautiful Shivalik ranges.

The bikers, who hailed from all over the world, were fuelled with premium nutritional supplements by Steadfast Nutrition, including Power Protein, Carborance, Snergy, and SteadLytes. Steadfast Nutrition founder Mr Aman Puri has also aced the game, ranking amongst the top riders of the group quite a few times.  

The start point of the ride starts in the queen of hills i.e. Shimla and ends in the beautiful green forests of Mashobra. 

The event lasted three days, with day 1 serving as registration day when cyclists arrive at the venue, complete their registration, and pick up their bibs. On the evening of Day 1, participants embarked on a 15-20KM history ride that began at Shimla's landmark church.

The day ended with a delicious meal for all participants!

Day 1 and Day 2 were competitive stages, where riders competed against each other testing their endurance and the riders completing the stage with minimum time taken win the race. 

Steadfast Nutrition has been the constant nutrition partner for the majority of MTB Shimla’s editions since 2017. Steadfast has been fuelling the riders with its best product range for endurance cyclists including Carborance and Power Protein. 

As the official nutrition partner of the event, Steadfast provided all the essential supplements to all hydration points on the route. The team left no stone unturned to back almost 200+ cyclists at the nail-biting event. 

The team also set up its stall at the start line with a live sampling counter of its nutritional products each time to educate the riders about the benefits of the right nutrition & its effectiveness in chasing and winning the game!

Well, MTB Shimla is just a smaller version of the mighty race known as MTB Himalaya, which is the 7-day stage race where riders cover 600+ kilometres. Our founder’s interest in building a community of enthusiastic riders, and providing constant support to promote & grow the mountain biking culture in India makes us do big and aim big every time we step on the breathtaking land of Shimla.