Steadfast Nutrition, Nutrition Partner at Games of Trails with Noida Cycling Club

On the early morning of September 26, the Noida Cycling Club (NCC) transformed the city's landscape into an exciting playground for cycling enthusiasts with their much-anticipated event, "Games of Trails". The NCC, among Asia’s oldest cycling clubs, has carved a niche for itself by organising unique rides filled with exciting games and activities, attracting cyclists from across Delhi-NCR.

The highlight of the event was the sachet challenge organised by Steadfast Nutrition, followed by an exciting race where the cyclists had to run in groups of five for 100 metres with cycles on their shoulders. The sachet challenge would not have been possible without Steadfast Nutrition, one of the rare nutrition brands to have single-serving sachets.

The day began with the dedicated organising team convening at the Great India Place mall in Noida at the break of morning, closely assessing the weather conditions and finalising the route for the day's ride. Riders trickled in from 5 am onwards, with Steadfast Athlete Mr Sameer Kathuria, a seasoned cyclist and leading the charge as the first participant. His expertise and enthusiasm set the tone for the event, guiding newcomers through the pre-ride protocols.

Amid the preparations, a member of the organising team seized the opportunity to interview a veteran NCC rider, aiming to promote cycling and the club's initiatives to a wider audience.

The excitement soared as a gathering of over 50 cyclists embarked on the ride. The journey began swiftly, with riders easily conquering the initial leg and arriving as champions at Noida Gate. Here, the group paused for a collective moment captured in a group photograph, proof of sportsmanship and shared passion.

Led by the spirited leadership of Team Steadfast, the cyclists resumed their journey towards the ultimate destination, the serene banks of the Yamuna River. The route was breathtaking, full of lush greenery and the gentle flow of the river, making it an idyllic location for an off-road cycling adventure in Delhi.

Upon reaching the destination, riders were cautioned to stay together due to the drizzling rain and muddy terrain. Safety and unity shouted NCC's ethos, ensuring everyone enjoyed the ride responsibly!

Meanwhile, the NCC team busied themselves with setting up engaging games at the Yamuna Bank. As riders trickled in, the atmosphere was full of excitement.

One such game was “Balance the cycle” where the cyclists had to stand in a particular place without touching their feet on the ground. The person who was successful in doing this for the longest time was declared the winner of the game. The final event for the day was the presentation ceremony, where winners were awarded Steadfast shakers, polygon caps, and other prizes.

As the day ended, in the heart of bustling Noida, amidst the lap of nature and the thrill of cycling, Games of Trails left an indelible mark, a lively proof of the enduring spirit of NCC and the joy of riding together!

The perfect closure to the day was the  riders forming  a line, holding  a sachet of Steadfast Nutrition’s Peanut Butter, and cheering  “Go, NCC, Go!”.