Steadfast Nutrition Collaborates with Rasta NGO to Shape Future of Children

Steadfast Nutrition's dedication to fostering healthy children as the cornerstone of tomorrow's society was demonstrated through a recent CSR initiative at the MCIR school in Noida. This activity, conducted in partnership with Rasta, an NGO supporting underprivileged children, marked the start of National Nutrition Week celebrations. Steadfast's team engaged with 300 children, distributing its premium supplement Peanut Butter Honey and underscoring the importance of nutrition to downtrodden children through an educational drive.

The giving-back-to-the-society event gained a lot of attention from prominent media outlets such as Amar Ujala and Dainik Bhaskar, with Steadfast Nutrition's digital team also actively sharing updates on social media. Capturing memorable moments with the children, the digital team ensured broader awareness of children's nutritional needs alongside all the fun-filled activities

During the day-long program, Steadfast's team led five engaging classroom sessions aimed at educating children on nutrition, eating habits, hygiene, and overall health. The sessions emphasised the significance of a balanced diet comprising carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, vitamins, and minerals for children's growth and well-being. Through energetic yet easy-to-understand presentations, the team captured the children's attention and effectively conveyed their message.

The lessons began with a fun game called "WHO AM I?" where children identified nutrients based on given characteristics. After each session, the children were gifted Peanut Butter Honey sachets, a delicious and nutritious supplement that promotes healthy eating habits, particularly emphasising the benefits of protein from sources like peanuts.

In addition to educational activities, the children enjoyed entertaining challenges like grabbing Peanut Butter Honey sachets from boxes with one hand, adding a playful element to the day. The event concluded with the children's joyful dance performance, capturing the spirit of the occasion in a heartwarming group photo.

In a nutshell, Steadfast Nutrition's CSR initiative left a positive impact, promoting the importance of nutrition and health among young learners while fostering memorable experiences for all involved.