Priyanka Shivaji Karande

Priyanka Shivaji Karande

Steadfast Athlete Priyanka Shivaji Karande is a champion athlete who seeks to embark the unchartered planes of cycling. She now boasts the power of nutrition from Steadfast and will certainly achieve the best in her future competitions.

• Gold in individual time trial School National under-19
• Kerala Road National Participant
• National Participant Jamkhandi Road, 2017
• Silver - MTB Pune National Championship Time Trial, (2017-18)
• Silver - MTB Pune National Championship Mass Start, (2017-18)
• Bronze - MTB Pune National Championship Mass Start, (2018-19)
• Participant Haryana National Championship
• Silver- Rajasthan National Championship Team Time Trial, (2019-20).
• 5th place in Senior Category Rajasthan National championship
Individual Time Trial, (2019-20)
• UCI Kerala International MTB Race, 2020
-4th place in the International category
-2nd place in the National category
•2nd - Asian trial Uttarakhand, 2020
•International MTB Race Asian Championship, Thailand, 2020
•Bronze - Mass Start MTB Uttarakhand Championship National, 2020
• Gold - State Championship Maharashtra Time Trial, 2020
• Gold - Mass Start State Championship Maharashtra, 2020
• Priyanka Karande: 1 Gold in Mixed team Relay and 1 Bronze in XCO Women Elite Category.

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