Poonam Rana

Poonam Rana
Poonam Rana

Steadfast Athlete Poonam Rana has been an inquisitive child from a very young age; she would always question her elders about how the world looked like. Her inquisitiveness made her take up the adventurous sport of cycling; she drew inspiration from her brother. Poonam rode from Nabhidhang to Delhi covering the distance of 1006 km for her first-ever cycling trip. 

Steadfast is all pumped to back this awesome athlete in her coming endeavours.

  • MTB National 2018 - XCO & XCT Gold
  • MTB Himalaya 2017 - 1st (Indian Category)
  • MTB Arunachal 2017- 3rd overall
  • MTB Shimla 2017- 2nd overall
  • MTB Uttarakhand 2019- 6th overall
  • MTB Arunachal 2018- 2nd overall
  • MTB Kerala 2019 (UCI) - National (Gold) & International (Bronze)
  • 2 Golds in National Mountain Bike Championship, 2020
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