Mahek Nayak

Mahek Nayak

Among Steadfast’s youngest athletes, Mahek Nayak juggles between school and sports. She is currently one of the best badminton players in Maharashtra. As a child, Mahek tried almost every sport, from swimming to football to skating, and after winning her first title, she found her calling in Badminton. The 17-year-old now aims to represent India at the Olympics.

Know more about her: Birthday: August 18

No food allergies

Food preferences: Non-veg

Coach: On court: Yonatan Dasuki and Paisal Sanusi  ( from Indonesia)

Off court: Sivaprasad Gunda

Favourite Sportsperson: Popr Sapsire

Date of joining Steadfast: December 28, 2021

Achievements: Quarterfinalist, Infosys Senior Open International Challenge  2021

Winner, 2018 Cisce national games , Ranglore 

Social Media Presence:
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