Kiran Kumar Raju

Kiran Kumar Raju
Kiran Kumar Raju

Steadfast Athlete Kiran Kumar Raju is an engineer by profession but a cyclist at heart, who loves to go on long bike rides that led him to win multiple awards as a cyclist. His expedition began with him commuting daily for work to avoid the traffic jam of the city. It was then he discovered his love for cycling which also helped him feel better in terms of health.

He volunteered for a cycling event called the Tour of Nilgiris, where on meeting some of the finest cyclists he learned more about the sport. Kiran with his frequent participation in cycling events won third in the MTB race in Sarjapur. He then left his job to pursue his dream of becoming a professional cyclist that made him win 9 national medals, including 3 Gold medals.

National MTB credentials
2019 - Broze
2018 - Gold, Silver
2017 - Silver, Silver
2016 - Silver, Gold
2015 - Bronze, Gold
Silver in Mixed Team Relay at MTB Nationals 2021

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