Arvind Soni
Arvind Soni

Steadfast Athlete Arvind Soni, who was once body shamed for being overweight has now become a source of inspiration for many. He is a businessman by profession and a bodybuilder by passion Arvind loves to train regularly. He started his fitness journey in 2009 intending to achieve the optimum body weight but got hooked on to the fitness world with becoming an athlete.

Since then he has participated in various bodybuilding competitions, his recent achievements include 6th position in Amateur Olympia Asia, Gold in Navodit Mumbai, Silver in Chembur and Bronze at Dadar. He aims to multiply his achievements as a bodybuilder in this year while helping other budding athletes get closer to their goals.

  • 6th place - Amateur Olympia India, 2019
  • Gold - Aamdar Shree Mumbai, 2019
  • Silver - Navodit

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