Steadfast Athlete Arvind Soni, Once Bullied for Being Obese, is Now a Champion Bodybuilding Athlete

Steadfast Athlete Arvind Soni, Once Bullied for Being Obese, is Now a Champion Bodybuilding Athlete

Steadfast Athlete Arvind Soni was once bullied for being overweight and is now an inspiration to many. He runs a business, but his interest is bodybuilding, and he enjoys working out frequently. After building his body and reaching a decent physique, Arvind decided to compete in bodybuilding championships, participating in a stage competition in 2016. He never looked back. Arvind fell in love with the sport and got better with each year. He won the Aamdar shree championship, finished in the top 6 in the Amateur Olympia, and won a silver at the Navodit Shree championship in 2019.

Arvind began his journey in the fitness industry in 2012. He was bodyshamed for being overweight, which led him to take up bodybuilding as a challenge and strive to lose weight. It wasn't an easy journey as being obese, Arvind found it difficult to do a simple exercise like brisk walking. He did not have the resources to afford the luxury of attending a good gym, or have proper guidance from a coach or a personal trainer. So, with whatever knowledge he had, learning by seeing others, and watching videos on YouTube, Arvind did his workout sessions on his own.

After becoming an athlete, Arvind became addicted to the fitness industry.

He became a part of the Steadfast family in 2019, a milestone for Arvind. He says Steadfast Nutrition’s supplements helped him improve his exercise performance and helped him in muscle recovery. He says his health has improved after taking the supplements and vouches for Warmax and Incredible Isolate protein, stating they’re unique formulations and available elsewhere.

“I’m proudly associated with Steadfast Nutrition since 12th December 2019. And it has been a beautiful journey with the brand. I am also a coach. As one, I lay my trust with Steadfast products. I know in depth what goes in the product while producing one. Apart from their great supplements, Steadfast Nutrition also provides unparalleled care and support to its athletes closer to their objectives. After having the products, my health has been good. I can’t complain. My favourite supplements are Warmax and Incredible Isolate proteins. Both are whey protein. Warmax is whey protein hydrolysate, which is only available by Steadfast Nutrition. This protein is hard to get. So far only hydrolysed protein is available everywhere, while hydrolysate is something very unique. Second, whey protein isolate, also found in Warmax, is absorbed faster in the blood stream, making Warmax the fastest.

Arvind Soni would never compromise on health and advise to other people the same.

Arvind Soni dreamt big and did everything he could to achieve it. He became a winner the day he stood up on the stage among the people who had everything to reach where they are.

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