Annu Marbaniang

Annu Marbaniang
Annu Marbaniang

Steadfast Athlete Annu Marbaniang is a fitness professional and a champion bikini bodybuilder  with decades of experience. Her innovative fitness routine  has persuaded countless individuals to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.  The fact that she is a mother of two children (a  17 years-old son  and a 12-years-old daughter) (no comma) has made her an inspiration for  women of India, guiding them to never let social or physical limitations  become a barrier to their dreams. Apart from pursuing her career in sports, Annu has also been running her own coaching class for the past 12 years, which has over 50 members today.

Know more about her: 

Birthday: May 31

No food allergies

Food preferences: Non-vegetarian

Date of joining Steadfast: September 14, 2021

Achievements: Miss Assam (1995)

  • North-East Super Model (1999)
  • Mrs India Finalist (2010)
  • Fourth in Dubai Muscle Contest  2021.
  • Second in Bikini Diva- NPC Worldwide Shawn Classic IFBB Pro League, Philippines(2019)
  • Fifth in Bikini Diva- IFBB Pro League, Vietnam (2019) 
  • ET NOW Women Leadership Award  (2019)
  • Second in Bikini Diva- WBFF, London (2018) 
  • Second in Bodypower PCA  (2017)
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