Yoga has Transformed my Life; Love Fish Oil and CollaStead,   says Steadfast Athlete and Yogini Radhika Lal

Yoga has Transformed my Life; Love Fish Oil and CollaStead, says Steadfast Athlete and Yogini Radhika Lal

Steadfast Athlete and yogini Radhika Lal is a silver medallist in the 500-hours Yoga teachers training by the Yoga Alliance International. She takes pride in having demonstrated the discipline to over 1000 people during the International Yoga Day 2016 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, where she was honoured by the Minister of State for External Affairs.

Radhika loved dancing as child. She tried yoga in 2012 to improve flexibility and started enjoying it, deciding to pursue it full-time.

“When I started doing it, I realised it goes far beyond just physical flexible. It’s absolutely wholesome working on deeper levels. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hence, I decided later on to pursue it,” Radhika says.

Her devotion to yoga made her arrange workshops for co-travellers at national and international locations.

Radhika was born and brought up in Delhi. She did her schooling from Noida’s Somerville school and topped in Class 12. She graduated in BCom from Delhi’s Sri Venkateswara College and Masters in Yoga and Science of Living. She is a Yoga Alliance International-certified trainer. Radhika started her career as a yoga teacher. She runs a business of women's wear and teaches yoga part time.

Radhika has been associated with Steadfast Nutrition since its launch in 2017. Her favourite supplements are Fish Oil and CollaStead, which have improved her skin health and helped her maintain flexibility.

“I have been associated with Steadfast Nutrition since its inception in 2017. It's been a great journey how Steadfast Nutrition takes excellent care of all its athletes. My favourite products include Fish Oil and CollaStead. Fish Oil has helped with remarkable improvement in my skin. In the first week, I noticed the dry under patches had disappeared. The skin started looking more supple. This is the outer impact. Am sure its impact internally has been far superior. I love being a part of the Steadfast family. I intend on continuing this association, teaching yoga and taking good health forward in a wholesome way. CollaStead helps me maintain my beauty and the collagen level of the skin,” Radhika says.

Radhika had her share of challenges while pursuing yoga. She says she comes from a family of professionals who were not too keen about her pursuing the sport.

“I come from a family with a hard-core finance background. To pursue something else as a profession turned the game around for me,” she says.

The Steadfast Athlete says yoga has transformed her life.

“When I decided to follow my passion as my career, it transformed my life. When I decided to become a yoga teacher and took the leap of faith, my life changed. Starting my own brand of clothing was another turning point in my career,she says.

Radhika likes being outdoors, hiking, travelling across the globe, listening to music, reading and dancing. She has featured in HT City and Delhi Times several times among Noida's fittest individuals.

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