Steadfast Supplements Give me the Ultimate Recovery and the Optimum Dose of Energy, says Steadfast Athlete Shubham Bhatt

Steadfast Supplements Give me the Ultimate Recovery and the Optimum Dose of Energy, says Steadfast Athlete Shubham Bhatt

Steadfast Athlete Shubham Bhatt is a budding badminton player who has participated in several championships, including the All India Inter University Badminton Championship 2022,  the Infosys Foundation- India International Challenge the same year, and the Bangladesh International Challenge 2022. Shubham is currently a student at Eklavya Warriors, a renowned academy, and plays under the guidance of his coach Suresh Kumar. He completed his Bachelor of Physical Education in 2022 and is pursuing a M P Ed from Patiala’s Punjab University.

The 23-year-old, who hails from Uttarakhand, moved and completed his education in Patiala because his father moved there for work. He started playing basketball in a club close to his home but was inclined towards badminton. He began playing the sport for joy and to stay fit. However, his coach saw his dedication to badminton and convinced his parents to support him in the game. He suggested he pursue a career as a doubles player.

Shubham was unable to balance his studies and game and, at one point, decided to quit the game. However, his parents motivated and supported him to manage both, after which he gained confidence and started playing doubles and mixed doubles, performing well in numerous competitions.

Shubham has had his share of challenges. He was unable to play badminton for at least a year after an injury and had to undergo surgery.  It was a tough time for him, but he recovered and resumed his badminton journey.

Shubham became a part of Steadfast Nutrition in 2021. His favourite supplements include the energy drink Snergy, the protein supplement Incredible Isolate and Multivitamin by Steadfast Nutrition, which made his journey “more active, energetic, and powerful”. He says Steadfast gives him the “ultimate recovery and the right dose of energy to fight the odds.”

“Initially, I loved Incredible Whey, but now my favourite supplements are Incredible Isolate and Snergy. I found Incredible Isolate amazing- it’s low in carbohydrates and fats and easily digestible. Snergy is my all-time favourite and the perfect sports drink that helps me with instant energy. It has amazing flavours,” says Shubham. Buy energy drink.

The Steadfast Athlete is fond of travelling, trekking, and playing badminton.

Shubham wants to represent India internationally and is working hard to reach his goal.

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