Societal Pressure, Motherhood: How Steadfast Athlete Jyoti Gupta Overcame Challenges to Become a Champion Bikini Athlete

Societal Pressure, Motherhood: How Steadfast Athlete Jyoti Gupta Overcame Challenges to Become a Champion Bikini Athlete

Jyoti Gupta started competing as an athlete in 2015 and hasn't stopped ever since. She is the winner of the prestigious pro card by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) and a gold medallist in the Amateur Olympia- India’s biggest bodybuilding championship for amateur athletes. A single mother to twins, it has not been easy being a bikini athlete and balancing her family life. However, Jyoti has proven nothing is impossible with hard work and dedication.

Jyoti credits Steadfast Nutrition for supporting, nurturing, and assisting her. She joined Steadfast Nutrition as an athlete in September 2021 and soon after, won a silver medal in the National Physique Committee’s North India bodybuilding and physique championship- North India’s biggest bodybuilding tournament soon after. She thought it would be her biggest achievement in 2021 but didn’t know there was more good news in store.

A significant day in Jyoti Gupta's career was on December 5, 2021. After earning the gold medal at the Amateur Olympia, the bikini competitor was awarded the coveted pro card by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), the governing body for bodybuilding championships world over. It was her debut at the Amateur Olympia held at the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival in Mumbai. The win gives her a chance to compete in pro (professional) leagues all across the world and eventually the Bikini Olympia in Las Vegas- the world’s ultimate bodybuilding championship. Jyoti  aims to compete in an upcoming  pro show- if she wins, she will get a direct entry to the bikini Olympia.

It is not easy to transform and maintain a body. One needs to take special care when you are a bikini athlete be strong from the inside with high willpower since the preparation requires only specific food and protein. Water retention is another factor to guard against. These factors can make one lose or win a competition.

Jyoti expressed her gratitude to Steadfast for "nurturing" her and giving her the appropriate supplements to achieve her excellent form for all her competitions. She credited the supplements, Incredible Whey, Power Glutamine, and Multivitamin for her performance. Jyoti took fish oil for cardiovascular health, multivitamin to meet micronutrient needs, Incredible Whey and Power Glutamine for muscle recovery, 5-HTP for focus, and Melatonin as a sleep aid.

“Steadfast Nutrition comes with a wide range of balanced nutrition that helps me perform better and train harder and longer. I take Multivitamin, Fish oil, Power Glutamine, Power Massive (mass gainer), and Active BCAA, which improve my immunity, help in recovery and increasing muscle mass, delay fatigue, and improve my athletic performance. They have also backed me financially. I have seen an immense change in my personal life. I can give a healthy time to my family because when you are active internally, you reflect positivity all around your surroundings,” says Jyoti.

Most bikini athletes face disapproval for their choice of profession. Jyoti too faced stigma and says Steadfast supported her in overcoming the challenges.

“Steadfast Nutrition has been my saviour when it comes to women’s sports. Societal pressure and motherhood make stepping on the stage in a bikini a bit difficult. I am preparing to compete in the June Olympia Pro Show. Steadfast Nutrition is standing shoulder to shoulder and supporting me with essentials. They are always a call away to restock my supplements and take good care of me and my health. I owe my better performance and success to Steadfast Nutrition. I am very thankful to be a part of the Steadfast Nutrition family,” says Jyoti.

Jyoti dedicates her winnings to her daughters. She says everything she does is for her children. They are an inspiration for her to fulfil her dreams.

Steadfast Nutrition is proud to fuel this talented and dauntless athlete.

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