Distance no bar for Steadfast Athlete and ultra cyclist Amandeep Singh

Distance no bar for Steadfast Athlete and ultra cyclist Amandeep Singh

A charted accountant by profession and an ultra cyclist and runner by heart, Steadfast Athlete Amandeep Singh is a machine in covering miles on his feet or on his bike. This amazing runner knows no boundaries when he charges with the power of Steadfast Nutrition’s Carborance. The formula lets him run at a steady pace without lagging behind in the race and reach the finish line before others. Carborance can also work as a meal replacer wherein you can attain the required energy through carbohydrate-loading, keeping hunger at bay to keep you going around meetings and project closings for at least 2 hours. The supplement comprises concentrated long-chain complex carbohydrates for high intensity and prolonged activities.

Amandeep has been associated with Steadfast since its launch in 2017. He lauds its mantra of For Athletes, By Athletes, attributing it to his confidence in the supplements formulated by the brand. 

“Being a Steadfast Athlete has been a pleasure since my association with the brand. Not having to worry about my workout nutrition ever is the best feeling. I know I am being served by the best because the brand is for athletes and by athletes,” Amandeep says.

In 2022, Amandeep competed in a 4000-km cycling race known as the North Cape 4000. Having set off from Rovereto in Italy on July 23, it took him only 21 days to travel by cycle, without any support whatsoever, to the North Cape, deep within the Arctic Circle. During this exhausting journey, the 30-year-old crossed six countries, including Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

To cycle such a long distance through so many countries and deal with extreme weather variations is tough. Although Amandeep has done numerous long-distance cycle races ranging from 200-1000 km, it was no easy task for him to adapt to European weather conditions. From bearing the excessive heat while riding in 40-degree Italy to combating the fast winds of icy cold Norway, the journey threw all possible challenges in front of him, but Amandeep’s determination made the goal seem just a ride away.

Commenting on the support Steadfast supplements provided him during the adventure, Amandeep said, "Steadfast Nutrition supplements are easy to carry. Staying energised while not carrying a lot of food or drinks on your back can be a big challenge, but for me it was easy. My bag was full of light-weight Carborance and Snergy sachets by Steadfast Nutrition. While Snergy provided me with instant energy for my climb, Carborance gave me the energy to sustain myself for longer durations and helped me ride without taking any long breaks.”

Amandeep has always been active in sports, but he began cycling in 2014 only as a method to lose weight gained while preparing for his Chartered Accountancy (CA) examinations. He developed a passion for cycling and that has only increased, and to such an extent that today distance does not limit him!

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