Steadfast Athletes and India’s top mountain biking (MTB) cyclists Shiven, Khariksing Adonis Tangpu, Ashish Sherpa, and Akash Sherpa participated in the prestigious UCI MTB eliminator World Cup, held in India for the first time.

The one-day cross country eliminator (XCE), organised by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)- the governing body for the world’s sports cycling events- provided Indian cyclists a chance to score UCI points to improve their score in the world rankings. It also gave them a chance to explore a new format— and what better venue than Ladakh, which has the world’s most unique terrains. 

The Steadfast Athletes relied on Steadfast Nutrition supplements for their training and recovery. Steadfast’s energy supplement Snergy was the top choice of most.

MTB gold medallist Adonis Tangpu said an array of Steadfast supplements held him in good stead against Ladakh’s cold weather and the physically challenging event. He took Steadfast’s recently-launched immunity booster SteadC to battle the cold, the energy bar SteadC for healthy snacking, and Incredible Whey for recovery. 

“Ladakh, located at a very high altitude, has extreme cold and dry weather. Hence, one cannot take chances with health. I took Steadfast’s immunity booster SteadC during my training. I also munched on the delicious energy bar SteadCrunch during my training. I used Incredible Whey (Coffee and Mango flavors) for my recovery since they are my all-time favourites.”

Organised by the UCI and the Ladakh Cycling Federation, the XCE format race was a one-of-a-kind experience for the Indian riders as it was short, explosive, and high-intensity racing in 2 minutes. The race started with a time trial format; athletes covered 600 metres in a lap, one tabletop jump, a small pump track, and little jumps. 

Steadfast Athlete and MTB national champion Shiven said that Steadfast supplements were “an integral part” of his recovery during his preparation for the event. He took the energy supplements Snergy and Carborance between  races.  

“My preparation included interval training and a structured training plan drawn by my coach. Steadfast has been an integral part of my recovery after each workout session. I used Snergy and Carborance between races to keep my energy levels high,” said Steadfast Athlete Shiven.

The race was a golden chance for athletes to review their short-race strength and know their actual standing among their competitors. 

Leh, located at an altitude of 3500 m, is infamous for its harsh weather and low oxygen levels. The sudden drop in oxygen can be tough on the body. Steadfast Athlete Ashish Sherpa said he relied on Power Protein and Incredible Whey for faster recovery. He praised Snergy for helping him beat the sun while riding. 

“I prepared for the event for over two months and tried getting comfortable with short intervals with a special focus on the technical aspects of training. I took Snergy and Active BCAA during rides- specially the short training ones- to  stay away from exhaustion. After the races/rides, I used Power Protein and Incredible Whey for better recovery,” he said.

Of the 70 riders, 32 made it to the next challenge. It was an experience worth remembering that made the athletes realise their strengths and areas of improvement.

It was the first time the MTB was broadcast live in India, which shows a growing interest in the game. Cycling has received a big boost from the government; Indian youth are taking up the sport professionally. 

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