Steadfast Nutrition finished its fourth year with a bang on September 25. The anniversary celebrations were a grand affair, made even more memorable with the launch of the brand-new Steadfast supplement LeanFast, which aims at getting people into shape by boosting metabolism and fat loss. The 2021 anniversary was the second consecutive year of celebrating amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Despite the COVID-19 challenges, the past year has been phenomenal for Steadfast Nutrition which is now among the fastest-growing sports and wellness nutrition brands in the country. The brand launched a series of immunity-boosters throughout the pandemic, benefitting thousands. Steadfast, which works relentlessly to improve the lives of athletes, has steadily become their preferred choice for nutritional supplements. In a short span of four years, it has empowered countless athletes and fitness enthusiasts to achieve their dreams with its high quality, rigorously tested supplements. 

The excitement on D-day was palpable. The entire headquarters was ablaze with Steadfast colours, confetti and balloons. The vibe of the place was fantastic. A sea of employees, dressed in blue, welcomed each other with cheerful greetings of, "Happy Steady Anniversary."

The big announcement came with the arrival of Aman Puri, founder, Steadfast Nutrition, and the directors of the company. Steadfast launched LeanFast and Mr Puri’s address was streamed on a variety of platforms. The launch was followed by a cake-cutting ceremony, with the organization's youngest employees doing the honours.

Mr Puri had high praise for his team and inspired them to work harder towards Steadfast Nutrition's vision of making India protein-efficient and the Sports capital of the World in the coming decades. 

Many fun activities were conducted including a Q&A round for the employees who were asked what made them steadfast. The responses were out of the box. The second exercise was a unique version of Dumb Charades, in which participants were asked to guess the titles of Steadfast Products rather than movies. The event was broadcast across multiple platforms, and individuals from all over the country took part. 

The perfect end to the day was the entire team chanting the Steadfast anthem, ‘We are steadfast’.

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