Priya is an amazing women of talent who never sacrifices her love for healthy with the use of Steadfast Nutrition products. Her ultimate favourite go to product is  Collastead that has high-quality collagen peptides derived from marine (fish) source with an additional boost of Rosehip Extract and Vitamin C. Collastead offers collagen in the form of peptides; which are smaller in size, of low molecular weight, easy to digest, highly absorbable and bioavailable. Cartilage is a connective tissue which is made up of collagen. During osteoarthritis, this cartilage gets affected due to less collagen and there is direct contact of bones resulting in joints pain, stiffness and inflammation.

Collastead provides an all rounder type I collagen, which is found in plentiful in our body so anyone can make use of it for overall health and wellness.

Favourite Product:

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