Steadfast Nutrition's athlete Prateek Thakur is back with a bang. While making his comeback to cycling races, the athlete performed exceptionally well, beating 60 top riders to book a slot for himself at the MTB Shimla by securing the third position in the preliminary round. 

Steadfast Nutrition partnered with Road Riders and Hero Cycles for the qualifying event. Being the nutrition partner of the event, the entire team from Steadfast took care of the athletes’ need for instant energy by distributing its premium product Peanut Butter among them. Peanut Butter is the preferred choice for athletes for its ability to provide energy before an intense exercise session. 

The craze for MTB Shimla, to be held from October 8-10, was very much visible among all the riders. The qualifying event was classified into two categories - Pro and Amateur. Pro riders were supposed to cycle for 30 km, while the distance for amateurs was 15km. 

The day started with the athletes assembling at one spot at 6:30 am. They were briefed about the route by the director of the race, Mr. Oshimanata Phatowali. The race commenced at Gaushala Trail, followed by loops around the lost lake, the found lake, and a fight to finish towards the forts. 

The Pro category riders kick-started the race at 7:30 am, brimming with enthusiasm. This was the category of Steadfast athlete, Mr. Prateek Thakur. Like the others, Mr Thakur too gulped down Steadfast Peanut Butter right before the ride. Team Steadfast was his cheerleading squad.The race for the amateur category started at 7:40 am.

Throughout the competition, Mr. Thakur maintained himself in the top 3. There were times when everybody watching him ride felt that he would fall, but with his brilliant cycling skills and limitless passion for sports, he crossed all the challenges and secured 3rd position. He was very much delighted, but it was the Steadfast team that was happier about his qualification for MTB Shimla. The beaming Steadfast team members congratulated Mr Thakur and told him they expected him to repeat the performance on October 8.

During the presentation ceremony, the athlete spoke about how his association with Steadfast Nutrition had contributed immensely to his career in sports, saying it would not have been possible without Steadfast Nutrition's support.

Finally, it was time for everybody to take some rest after a hard-fought day. Refreshments were distributed among all the athletes. The winners got into a huddle, discussing the main event, which is to take place in Shimla.

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