Everyone knows protein is a macronutrient that is essential to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. For active individuals, whether they're everyday fitness enthusiasts or serious athletes, the need for protein is even greater as it plays a key role in muscle recovery.
Steadfast Nutrition has come up with the formula of "Incredible Whey" which does this job perfectly for me.
It's been more than six months now for me consuming this product, and surely it has well supported me in my goal for muscle recovery, muscle synthesis, immunity-boosting and many other added advantages.
For whey protein to be effective, it must be broken down into smaller particles within 90 minutes of consumption through a process known as hydrolysis. It takes approximately 90 minutes for the whey protein to pass from the stomach through the small intestine for digestion, absorption and assemblage into bio-usable form for muscle synthesis, and incredible whey works exactly in the same way for me.
It is much better absorbed and utilised because it is combined with specific protease enzymes.
Protease enzymes encourage pre-digestion of the protein, allowing for the release of the full content of the essential amino acids for building muscle and improving recovery. This pre-digestion also ensures the formation of smaller peptides, reducing the potential for discomfort that is often associated with protein consumption.
Now when it comes to choosing a flavour, Steadfast Nutrition has done a great job in creating its mango flavoured Whey, which stands out amongst all the other available whey protein flavours in the market. It is my favourite protein.

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