Mar 22, 2023

SeeStead is an antioxidant-rich mix of nutrients that help protect the eye from free radical damage caused by oxygen and light exposure. It contains lutein, zeaxanthin, bilberry extract, beetroot extract, grape seed extract, vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12, selenium, N-Acetyl 0-Glucosamine, and taurine, which protect eyes from the harmful effects of blue light and UV rays, decrease eye strain, and promote better vision and healthier eyes.

Ingredients with Health Benefits

SeeStead is rich in many nutrients that make it the best eye health supplement.

Lutein and zeaxanthin: Lutein and zeaxanthin protect the eyes from harmful high-energy light waves and ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight. They provide the macula a yellowish colour, which shields and protects against certain eye diseases.

Bilberry Extract: Bilberry extract has antioxidant properties that may help treat visual issues such as retinopathy (retinal damage), macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. It protects the retina, improves visual function, and protects retinal cells from degeneration.

Grape Seed Extract: Grape seed extract prevents cataract formation and progression, enhances visual acuity, lowers edoema caused by damage, and helps treat diabetic eye illness. Antioxidants in grape seeds protect retinal cells that enable differentiation between colours and improves eyesight in low light conditions, referred to as Night Vision.

Beetroot Extract: Beetroot Extract in SeeStead contains antioxidants, including flavonoids, betalains, and beta carotene, which help fight oxidative stress and help prevent eye problems such as glaucoma. Vitamins A and C help reduce chances of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Rich in Vitamins

SeeStead contains beetroot extract, rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that lower the likelihood of developing early-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Following are the benefits of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C in SeeStead.

1. Vitamins B1 and B2 : Vitamin B1 helps reduce cataract development, reducing the possibility of a potentially eye blinding condition- diabetic retinopathy that occurs in peoples with diabetes; vitamin B2 helps reduce oxidative stress, essential for the eye health.

2. Vitamin B3: Vitamin B3 in SeeStead helps improve eye pressure and helps prevent glaucoma.

3. Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 prevents age-related macular degeneration in which the retina deteriorates over time, causing blurry vision. Vitamin B6 reduces the blood flow of homocysteine, an acid which affects the arteries of retina, the main cause of AMD.

4. Vitamin B12: Deficiency of Vitamin B12 can damage the optic nerve, resulting in decreasing central vision. Vitamin B12 supplementation reverses the effects of this condition and cures vision-impairment.

5. Vitamin C: Vitamin C, a rich source of antioxidants, combined with other nutrients, protects eyes from UV rays, helps fight oxidative damage, and prevents cataract and vision blindness

6. N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine: It’s an antioxidant and a natural sugar found in body, which helps lubricate and moisturises eyes and prevents glaucoma.

7. Taurine: Taurine, present in abundant form in eyes, helps protect against retinal degeneration, reduces chances of glaucoma, and is a potential treatment for eye disease.

8. Selenium: It works as an antioxidant, preventing dead cells from forming on the lens and protecting vision. Selenium may prevent cataract formation and dry eyes through its osmoregulatory activity.

Benefits of SeeStead:

1. Prevents eye damage from UV rays and blue light

The retina is sensitive to blue light from mobile phones, tablets, and other digital device screens. SeeStead shields the eye from blue light and damaging UV rays that can cause eye illness.

2. Promotes eyes moisturization and relieves dry eyes

Our eyes become fatigued and strained by the constant use of digital devices throughout the day. SeeStead contains glucosamine, which moisturises tired eyes and relieves discomfort caused to them.

3. Improves visual acuity and provides vital eye nutrients

Nutrients such as lutein, zeaxanthin, bilberry, N-acetylglucosamine, beetroot, vitamin C, B-vitamins, taurine, and selenium are necessary for eye health and increase visual acuity in people with fuzzy vision.

4. Helps Reduce Vision-related Headache

Weak eyes can cause eye strain and headache. SeeStead contains lutein, zeaxanthin, bilberry, N-acetylglucosamine, beetroot, Vitamin C, which prevent eye strain and headaches.

5. Protects against eye diseases

SeeStead is high in antioxidants, which protect our eyes from eye diseases, including age-related macular degeneration, diabetes-related retinopathy, and cataract.

6. High Bioavailability of ingredients

Bioavailable nutrients in SeeStead protect eye from damage and improve eye health.

Who should consume SeeStead?

Office workers, students, and those exposed to blue light can take SeeStead. Regular use of SeeStead can help people who suffer from vision-related headaches, eye strain, and eye dryness.

How should you consume SeeStead?

Take 1-2 tablets as a dietary supplement, ideally with a meal or as prescribed by a healthcare practitioner.

Eye-related diseases

If one doesn’t follow an eye-care routine, it can lead to disease and eye-related problems.

1. Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a common eye illness characterised by impaired and reduced vision caused by the breakdown of the macula's inner layers. The macula is the region of the retina that provides clear vision in a straight line of sight. AMD impairs central vision and the ability to discern tiny details. The ability to drive, perceive faces, and read characters deteriorates.

2. Cataract
Cataracts cause a hazy spot in the lens- as you become older, it becomes more prevalent and can obstruct normal eyesight. The lens in the eye focuses light on the retina, which delivers the picture to the brain via the optic nerve. However, if you have cataracts, the light is dispersed, and the lens can no longer focus correctly, creating vision problems.

Importance of Eye Care

Preventing potentially blinding eye diseases via health care is known as eye care. It encompasses a wide range of activities that can serve as a foundation for blindness prevention in all communities and areas across the world. Because of the unavoidable digitalisation, which causes stress on the eyes and eyesight, a disease known as digital eye strain develops, complicating computer vision syndrome. The condition develops due to the repeated back and forth movement of our retina on the screen, causing eye muscle fatigue.

Anybody exposed to digital gadgets is at risk of vision problems and should have their eye health checked regularly.

Optimum Eye care and routine analysis helps to reduce the risk of various disease. Age related macular degeneration and cataracts maybe delayed or prevented by taking antioxidant-rich diets.

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