Inositol is a vitamin like substance, found in many forms or isomers. Its chemical like structure is similar to the glucose in your blood.

The most common form being mho-inositol and D Chiro inositol. Recently, myo- inositol has been studied for its various health promoting effects. Also, it is highly utilised in the structural foundation of secondary messengers.

Main food source of myo-inositol


whole grains

Nuts & seeds


Recent research has shown that use of inositol supplements may help treat anxiety and fertility disorders.

Dosage of inositol supplements

Dosage ranges from 2-16 g/d, depending upon the condition , requirement and your diet pattern.

1) May Help reduce anxiety

Certain studies have shown that inositol helps reduce panic attacks obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) and post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). It is due to the increase in serotonin hormone , also known as happy hormone, which  impacts your mood and behaviour.

2) May help reduce insulin sensitivity

Insositol is believed to improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin , thus reducing insulin resistance.

Insulin hormone is critically important for controlling blood sugar levels and any other problem which can lead to conditions like metabolic syndrome.

3) May improve fertility issues in women

PCOS (Poly cystic ovary syndrome)  is a condition when a woman’s body produces abnormally high amounts of Male hormones. Women with PCOS are at a higher risk of diseases and can experience irregular menstrual cycle and fertility issues as well.

Overall, studies have shown that 2-4 gm inositol can help  improve mensuration cycle, ovulation and pregnancy rates in women.

4) May reduce symptoms of depression

Only limited research has shown that it might help with reduction of symptoms related to depression and may be added to their standard medication.

5)  May help control metabolic syndrome risk factors

Studies suggest inositol supplements may be beneficial for those with metabolic syndrome as it may control cholesterol and  blood sugar levels.

6)May help improve athletic performance

As athletes are anxious and restless before any sports competition, inositol is used in many energy drinks and protein supplements  to help lessen the mental stress. Secondly, inositol being highly anabolic can help enhance stamina and may facilitate breakdown of fats and increase creatine absorption. Check best creatine

Safe to consume

Inositol is a naturally occurring with a good safety record if consumed in recommended  quantities. Although , beginners or if the dosage is exceeded beyond 18 mg per day then one might rarely face acute side effects like upset stomach, rashes or nausea.

Lastly, inositol has shown certain health benefits with fertility and mental health issues. Further investigation is still needed to show more potential benefits.



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