IHFF 2021: A splendid start for Steadfast Nutrition on Day 1

IHFF 2021: A splendid start for Steadfast Nutrition on Day 1

With Steadfast Nutrition as the presenting partner for its major competitions, the highly awaited International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival,  Asia’s largest health and fitness expo, opened with a bang on  December 3 in the vibrant city of Mumbai. The three-day event  enticed athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and spectators from all around the globe, right from the opening day.  The initial day witnessed the presence of over 500 exhibitors and more than 1,50,000 visitors and was no less than a paradise for fitness lovers.  

Steadfast Nutrition was the presenting partner for the country's biggest bodybuilding championships held at the event- the Amateur Olympia and the Sheru Classic. 

The colossal event began with a press conference with the organisers. Steadfast Nutrition founder  Mr Aman Puri addressed the global fitness community. Asked about the significance  of the IHFF, he said, "This is one great platform for athletes, fitness aficionados, sports nutrition brands, consultants, participants, enthusiasts; you just name it, we have it all. The event has much more than just bodybuilding competitions. We aim to make people understand the changing requirements of the human body, as supplements and exercise have become a necessity for all to stay fit and sound.”

 After the press conference, the leaders  inaugurated the Sheru Classic Model Search Competition. Mr Aman Puri; actor, model and fitness influencer Sergi Constance; Mr Sheru Angrish, founder, Sheru Classic,  Mr Manish Gandhi, organiser of the IHFF; and two-time Mr Olympia Big Ramy lit the  lamps to mark the start  of the competition. The Sheru Classic is a huge draw among the country’s aspiring bodybuilding and fitness athletes.  Subsequently, all Steadfast Nutrition athletes were on  the stage. Both Mr Angrish  and Mr Puri  felicitated each Steadfast athlete with a bouquet and a certificate. Mr Sheru Angrish, elated at the presence of Steadfast athletes at the festival, said, "I believe that the very mention of the term ‘Steadfast Athlete’ is enough to energise any event. The kind of tradition Steadfast follows, the way the company supports its athletes is highly admirable.” 

The atmosphere outside the auditorium was equally charged. Various nutrition companies had set up their booths, but it was Steadfast’s products that received an overwhelming response. From competing athletes, healthcare industry leaders, fitness enthusiasts, suppliers, and dealers, to nutritionists, gym owners, bloggers, and competitor brands- scores of people thronged the Steadfast booth. The crowd pullers were Steadfast’s premium supplements Snergy, Active BCAA, HerbFast, Incredible Whey, and CollaStead. Sprinking stardust at the venue were renowned Steadfast athletes, including Rohit Shetty, Arvind Soni, Sumeet Thapa, Dr Mridula Saikia, Dr Rita Jairath, and  TV actor Shweta Gulati. It was a golden opportunity for passionate bodybuilders and fitness lovers to directly interact and learn from the champions. Rohit Shetty and Dr Mridula’s innovative ‘throw sampling’- tossing supplements among the crowds- was a big hit. As was the ‘pick the bottle’ challenge. The athletes gelled well with the visitors and clicked pictures with them.

Everyone now looked forward to Day 2 with anticipation. 

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