Eggs should be added in your diet and especially for breakfast as they can work wonders because of their high-quality protein and nutritional content.

  • Eggs provide increased fullness and help to reduce our overall calorie intake/day. Their consumption reduces cravings and late-night snacking. They rank very high on the satiety index. Because of their high protein content eggs are very filling and nutrient-dense.
  • They contain all the essential amino acids and good quality protein. A high protein diet helps to boost our metabolism through a process termed the thermic effect of food (energy required to metabolise the consumed food items and its higher for protein sources in comparison to carbs or fats).
  • They also help to keep your insulin and blood glucose response stable along with suppressing the hunger hormone – ghrelin.
  • They provide high-quality nutrition and are easily available. Eggs can be enjoyed in a variety of forms like baked, scrambled, boiled or made into an omelette.
  • Our liver produces cholesterol to meet our body’s demands but when you consume high cholesterol foods our liver compensates for it and produces less cholesterol to keep the cholesterol levels balanced. Eggs raise cholesterol but in the form of HDL that is the good cholesterol. And no increase of LDL (bad) or Total cholesterol has been reported upon whole egg consumption.
  • Eating eggs gives you better bone health and increased muscle mass as it is a high-quality animal protein. It is also a weight loss friendly food as it keeps you fuller for a longer period.
  • Eggs that come from hens that are raised on pasture are healthier in terms of higher omega 3 and fat-soluble vitamin content in comparison to factory-raised chicken that is on grain-based feeds.


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