Steadfast Athlete Navneet Kaur has endured far more than an average sportsperson. Which is why her prestigious Pro Card win at the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival (IHFF) 2022 held in New Delhi on June 19, will certainly make an indelible impression on a generation of youngsters- irrespective of whether they follow bodybuilding or even Indian sports.

The 34-year-old ’s journey to the top is of grit, persistence and sweat. Navneet battled persistent health issues brought on by arthritis, thyroid, and a back injury and clinched the Pro Card in the Women’s Fitness category awarded by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) after winning the gold medal at the Sheru Classic bodybuilding championship- the country’s biggest bodybuilding event. The pro card automatically earns Navneet an entry into the international pro leagues and, eventually, a chance to compete in the prestigious Bikini Olympia, organised by the IFBB, which takes place in Las Vegas every year. 

The gutsy athlete was all praises for Steadfast Nutrition's support during her preparation. In a world dominated by men’s sports, Navneet Kaur says Steadfast Nutrition is like a breath of fresh air in its support of women athletes. She relied on the Steadfast supplements Warmax for muscle recovery, Steadfast Multivitamin for boosting her energy levels, Curcumin for battling inflammation, and LeanFast for boosting her metabolism. 

Navneet also revealed that after unsuccessfully trying a variety of Vitamin D3 supplements, it was Steadfast’s Vitamin D supplement which ultimately helped her tackle the deficiency. She was also full of praise for Steadfast’s Fish Oil supplement and said her skin and appetite improved for the better after consuming it. 

“Steadfast has been really supportive. They provided me with an array of supplements like Warmax, Multivitamin, Fish Oil, Curcumin, and LeanFast. I had Vitamin D deficiency despite taking capsules. After taking Steadfast’s Vitamin D supplement, my D3 levels returned to normal within a month. I feel very energetic after taking Steadfast’s Multivitamin. Not many brands are supporting women, they are more concerned about male athletes. It’s a men’s world, but Steadfast is very different. They took care of my tiniest needs,” Navneet gushed. 

Fitness is a category of bodybuilding which involves performing stunts on the stage. The body should look toned and flexible. Apart from the usual muscular criteria, Women’s Fitness involves four mandatory poses: stardle hold, side split, different pushups and high kick. Athletes are also judged on how they entertain the audience and face the music.

Competing in this category involves not just physical but also mental strength. Navneet displayed oodles of both. 

“I prepared relentlessly for the championship despite having hypothyroid which brought with it the problems of arthritis, weight gain, and breathlessness. To add to it, I had a lower back injury because of deadlifts, and hamstring and glute stiffness. But I always push myself to work even harder.”

For her prep phase, Navneet followed a regular workout regimen, took fitness classes, callisthenics training and regularly practiced late at night. 

The Steadfast Athlete says it is imperative for brands to support athletes with the right nutrition. 

“The role of brands in supporting athletes is very important, we need nutrition every day, if they support us, we are sorted regarding our nutritional values. We don’t have to think about money to buy all these products,” she says.”

Navneet wants women in India to challenge their bodies and limits. 

She also broke through the usual patriarchy barriers that most woman athletes in India have to face. 

“I come from very conservative business family. I was the first female to start working and into fitness. I have been competing since 2017, it’s only now that my family has started understanding my aspirations.”

Navneet’s next goal is to win a pro show for which she is prepping to gain a lot of muscle and poise. 

Navneet’s achievement is proof that nothing is impossible when you push yourself and set the bar higher. The Steadfast Athlete had previously won the gold at the Amateur Olympia held in 2019 and a silver in the same championship prior to that.

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