A doctor, a wife, a mother and now an Amateur Olympia title holder, Dr. Mridula Saikia breaks multiple stereotypes and does so with grace.

Dr. Mridula bagged the silver medal at the Amateur Olympia held in Mumbai on 12th to 14th of October 2018, and here is a look at how she did it. 


Being an experienced bodybuilder she understands  her body well and knows when to push herself and how much. Her training everyday while preparing for the competition would be somewhere between two to three hours depending on the workout and she would even hit the gym more than once, again depending upon the plan for the day and how she felt.


Towards the end of her preparation she focused on intense workout sessions which focused primarily on shedding any extra fat off of her body so as to bring  out the definition of the muscles she has worked on through the years and do so in a manner in which minimal muscle mass is lost.


Her workout consisted of a mix of isolation as well as compound exercises which stimulate muscle growth and increase strength. The most important element however was her diligence and focus which helped her sculpt a medal clinching physique.



On top of having a well balanced, high protein and competition oriented diet she consumed her trusty stack of Steadfast Nutrition 

products, namely LIV RAW and Power Protein which provide high quality protein and amino acids resulting in quick and complete recovery after intense workout sessions and during the day along with BCAAs, Glutamine and Creatine towards the end of her preparation cycle. Check best creatine

Managing her personal life, professional life and following her passion 


While most people struggle to keep a balance between their office and their home, Dr. Saikia manages to excel at striking the perfect balance between spending quality time with her family, being a doctor and excelling at her passion that is bodybuilding.

She says that the key to her success in all the three fields is the fact that she manages to divide all three segments separately and not overlap them by thinking about one thing while being involved with the other. “When I am at work, I focus completely on work but then I shut off after I leave my workplace, the same goes for my workout and my family” said Dr. Mridula when asked about her strategy towards managing time and tasks. 

The feeling of having her name called out as the silver medalist at the amateur Olympia 2018


The sign of a true champion is the fact that they may be happy about their success but they never rest on their laurels, when asked about how she felt when her name was called on stage Dr. Mridula told us that although she was happy, she was also motivated to work harder and come back stronger in order to bag the gold and that there is a fire inside of her that makes her focus on the fact that “gold is the goal”. 

The next target and its preparation

Dr. Mridula has set her sight at the pro qualifiers next July which is the next big goal for her and she plans to go offseason for the next six months in order gain some size, give her body some room to grow and proceed towards the competition in a healthy manner. Her plan is to put on size and quality mass in the coming few months so that the next time she steps on stage, she out shadows the competition.

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