Jun 25, 2019

Cricket enjoys a following in India like no other sport does. With millions of avid followers and passionate players spread across the country, it is possibly the most sought after sport in the entire nation. But, like most other sports in India, it too suffers from a lack of knowledge about the proper nutrition required for the athletes who play it and is hence far from reaching its full potential.


It is quite a complex sport and so are its nutritional requirements. Played in various formats, it can either be a slow and sustained event stretched over 5 days or a power packed and dynamic match of 20 overs. We are an organisation that takes great pride in the fact that we are for athletes, by athletes and hence understand these complex requirements. It is because of this fact that we have been successful in developing products that are made for players across the spectrum of strength and endurance sports.

Indian Cricket Team 

Cricket is perhaps the most played sport in India, with every other youngster playing it having one dream and one dream only - to don the blue India jersey. The aspirants are countless and the slots only 15. Hence while it is not possible for every good player to represent India, it is possible for them to play at a considerably high level and make a name and living for themselves. At Steadfast, this is what we are trying to do, supporting both, the players as well as the sport so that an athlete can do was he was meant to do - play the game and make a name for him/herself.

What differentiates us from most other nutrition companies is not just the intent we have towards developing the culture of sports in India but also a big chunk of our product lineup. From whey based recovery supplements to branched chained carbohydrates which provide long term sustained energy, we have created products keeping in mind the various nutritional requirements that athletes of different sports need to fulfil.


Our most recent endeavor in the cricketing sphere has been our association with the Wonders Cricket Club based out of Noida. Under the aegis of its Head Coach Mr. Phoolchand Sharma, the club has produced many players which have achieved a star status in the previous few years. Together, our aim is to nurture the young talent into competent players by providing them with excellent training coupled with high quality premium sports nutrition. In other words, we are creating an environment where the youngsters of today become the legends of tomorrow!

 IPL Ground