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If you are a keen cyclist, you must be conscious about your diet and intake of calories. 

While being involved in any sport your diet plays a key role in the performance of your body. Let’s talk about some of the key factors that nutrition plays in the sport of cycling.


The intake of calories play a vital role in the sport of cycling. It is basically a cardio based sport and demands a constant flow of energy in the body while engaged in it.

So, the first question the arises - How many calories do you burn while cycling ?

A good way to estimate the number of calories burnt while you ride your bicycle is by using Apps like STRAVA or any other Gps based device. They calculate the number of calories burnt by you according to the distance ridden and your current body weight. Another good way for estimating these is by using Power pedals or Power crank arms, which help you to calculate the calories burnt according to the power put in by you while riding. This is considered to be the most accurate way of measuring the calories burnt.

Now that you are aware of the calories being burnt, the next step would be calculating the additional amount of calories apart from your daily routine. A good method of calculating this is by multiplying the distance travelled in miles by 40-50 calories. Therefore, if you’ve been out for a 30-mile ride you can estimate an extra calorie need of between 1,200-1,500 calories, erring towards the bottom end of this if you’re a slower or lighter rider and toward the top end if you’re faster or heavier.


A sport requires both pre and post workout nutrition. Let’s first talk about pre or during activity nutrition requirements- 

CARBOHYDRATES - Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient required for the sport of cycling, it ensures a constant flow of energy in the body for endurance and intense activities. One of the products of Steadfast Nutrition that promises to provide the carbs in its natural form is CARBORANCE. It is a unique blend of complex carbs that releases carbohydrates or electrolytes slowly in your body for constant energy supply for intense and prolonged activities. 

What is the role of Carborance ?

While racing, your stomach undergoes traumatic movements. Not all have the capability of handling the artificial flavouring, sweeteners and undigestible molecules profoundly present in the nutrition products available in the market. Keeping these hassles of athletes in mind, we have developed CARBORANCE with a simple yet safe approach by adding only what is required during any high intensity prolonged activities.

Carborance is the perfect blend of complex carbs along with the essential electrolytes to power up your body while racing or performing other endurance activities. The amount of water your body looses from sweat is recharged with the use of Carborance.

Now let’s talk about the post-workout or post-cycling nutrition required by an athlete-

PROTEIN - After a heavy ride or race the body hits a term called fatigue, fatigue is basically the formation of lactic acid in our muscles that causes leg burning or muscle cramps. If a cyclist is participating in a multi-level stage races, he/she needs to recover for the next day after each days heavy endurance ride. The intake of protein is very much necessary for the repair of muscles and tissues, and protein is the way to go. Steadfast Nutrition’s POWER PROTEIN has got your back. The product is a unique blend formula of slow and fast releasing proteins. It comprises of Whey Protein Concentrate, Wheat Protein, Calcium Caseinate and Natural Cocoa Powder that are formulated to deliver a gradual release of amino acids for muscle recovery. The presence of the four proteins including the goodness of natural cocoa makes the product unique for complete recovery. POWER PROTEIN is a blend for steady recovery of muscles and can be taken by athletes and fitness enthusiasts post-workout.

Here is a quick check on the major features of POWER PROTEIN:

  • Slow and Fast Release Proteins (29.2 g)
  • Essential Amino Acids (13.0 g)
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (6.2 g)
  • Glutamic Acid (5.4 g)
  • Natural Cocoa Powder (3.2 g) 
  • No Added Artificial Colours, Flavours, Preservatives or Thickeners

So, the next time you go for a long ride or a race remember to carry sachets of Carborance and Power Protein in your jersey’s to treat yourself with the best! Check our website for exciting offers and discounts. Head on to for best deals and products.


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