Women's Vest Description

Women's Vest 

• Designed to flatter every body type enhancing the best in you

• The Steadfast vests are available in the best colour combinations

• The fabric used is comfortable and breathable

Women's Black Vest

• The black vest lets you stretch and exercise at ease

• It has Steadfast written in gold foil that pops out beautifully

• It is made from 100% super soft cotton material

• This women's vest gives a tag-less label for superior comfort

Women's vest: Black in Red and Red in Black

• The micro PP dry fibre used makes it a good workout outfit

• The stylish and perfect fit vest is for all workout enthusiasts

• The easy to maintain vest has no issues of lint formation

• The dri-fit vest is your daily gym outfit for a flawless performance

• The stretchable vest is machine washable making it easier to maintain